How big is a 3x3 grow tent in CM?

91x91x182 cm

Is a 3x3 grow tent big enough?

Best 3x3 Grow Tent Setup Of 2022. 3×3 grow tent have the benefit of being on the cheap side, and a lot practical as well. Some even say three by three is the perfect grow tent size, as you use floor space efficiently, while having enough room to develop healthy yields.

Best Grow Lights for 3×3 Tent

After you’ve decided on the right grow tent, you’ll need to fill it up with the right equipment. And grow lights are the most important of them all.

How many watts does a 3×3 need? A typical LED will consume approximately 32 watts to cover one square foot of bloom time[1]. For a 3×3, you have between 250 and 300 watts.

However, the latest LED grow lightsprovide higher light intensity (and spectral quality) with less wattage [2]. And provides the highest yield per square foot than any other type of grow light. Below are the ready made 3×3 grow tent kits on our website. You can choose to buy it individually or buy the entire kit.

ECO Farm 3'x3' Hydroponics Complete Grow Tent Kit — 240W Samsung 301B Chips Quantum Board

240W Samsung 301B Chips Quantum Board:

ECO Farm LED Grow Light uses our custom designed full spectrum high efficiency white light quantum board with Samsung LM301B and deep red LED 660nm. Quantum LEDs provide a beautiful working and research environment with vibrant colors and greater contrast to study crop health. The Quantum Board has a dimming knob that can adapt to the different growth periods of your plants. The first choice for beginners and professional growers.

ECO Farm 3'x3' Hydroponics Essential Grow Tent Kit — 216W SMD Chips LED Grow Panel

216W SMD Chips LED Grow Panel:

ECO Farm Full Spectrum Grow Lights are general purpose blue red infrared UV lamps optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development. Specifically tailored for plant growth in indoor environments from propagation to senescence (germination, cloning/cutting, mother, nutrient and flowering applications). VEG is used for seedling growth and Bloom is used for fruit and flowers. Veg/Bloom has a heavier red/blue output for optimal performance from seedling to final bloom.

ECO Farm 3'x3' Complete Grow Tent Kit — 240W LED Quantum Board With Samsung 561C Chips

240W Quantum Board:

ECO Farm Full Spectrum 240W Quantum Board is used to illuminate crops, not only to regulate flowering and fruiting, but also to control plant height and plant nutrients. Best PAR output with best PPFD, top components like Samsung LED diodes and MEAN WELL drivers. Best Spectrum: Close to natural sunlight. Dimmable growing strips for variable lighting.

ECO Farm 3'x3' Essential Grow Tent Kit — 240W Samsung 301B+660nm+730nm Quantum Board

240W Samsung 301B+660nm+730nm Quantum Board:

This grow light can replace traditional HPS/MH lights with 50% less power. Adds more red 630nm + blue (460nm) + UV + IR light than other grow lights to enhance growth during flowering and achieve higher yields. The high-quality full-spectrum LED development board adopts Samsung LM561C/LM301B/LM301H LED chips, which are the chips with the highest luminous efficiency in the industry, 2.7umol/J per board. Compared with other LED grow lights, this Samsung LED chip has higher brightness, PAR. Our glow sticks provide everything a plant needs and are ideal for growing medicinal plants.

ECO Farm 3'x3' Essential Grow Tent Kit — 240W Waterproof SMD Chips Grow Panel

240W Waterproof SMD Chips Grow Panel:

Eco Farm LED plant light adopts high-tech LED chip, which saves 80% energy. It can replace 3–5 times high-power HPS plant light. Easy to install. The heat dissipation system of the grow light is composed of high-speed dual fans and aviation aluminum heat sinks. Effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, keep the lamp cool and prolong the life of the lamp. Hang grow lights on top of plants with the help of adjustable slings and bolts. Adjust the slings to customize the optimum height for plant growth. Suitable for all kinds of flower plants and all kinds of vegetable plants


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