For a grow indoors to be effective, it must have proper ventilation. The ventilation system is usually made up of vents and fans and acts as an exhaust chute, allowing air to circulate and permitting fresh air to enter. So, do I need a fan in my greenhouse? Or, will enough vents do the trick?

This article will explore why the fan in your grow indoors is so important as well as give you information on getting the optimal grow indoors fan for your needs.

The Need for Continuous Airflow in a grow indoors
Plants respire by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. Normally, this isn’t a concern for plants grown outdoors as the air circulates freely. However, the enclosed nature of the grow indoors means that the circulation of fresh air is limited. The low levels of CO2 would therefore be limiting your plants’ growth. Moving air is also essential for stimulating plants to produce stronger cell walls. This leads to sturdier plants with stronger roots and stems.

ECO Farm 6 Inch Grow Tent Fan with 120 Degree Clip and 2 Speed Control

This fan is specifically made to be easily connected to 15–26mm (.59in to 1in) poles in a grow tent. The clip features rubber inside to ensure the fan does not move while it oscillates. Benefits to having a fan like this in your grow tent include, reduction in mold, keeps temperatures constant, improved ventilation and promote root growth which means bigger plants and higher yields. 120 Degree oscillating: fan can oscillate 120 degrees or be stationary. 6” Triple spiral fan blades are angled to deliver efficient airflow with high and low settings to keep you and your plants cool and comfortable. fan has high and low speeds. Fan can be adjusted to direct air flow exactly where you need it.

ECO Farm 6 Inch Portable Oscillating Mini Clip Fan 3 Speed Control

ECO Farm 6 Inch Clip Fan could mount wherever needed. The 3-speed seeting fan rotates 180 degrees allow your plants to get airflow from different directions, keeping them cool in every angle. This oscillating fan is equipped with a strong clamp that firmly grips onto a tent pole, shelf or other surface for convenient cooling power where you need it. ECO Farm clip fan features a coated safety grill that keeps fingers and other items at a safe distance from moving blades while it is in use.

ECO Farm 4"/6"/8" In-line Ventilating Fan


The ECO Farm 4"/6"/8" In-line Ventilating Fan combines the features and benefits of both axial and centrifugal fans to efficiently circulate air for room ventilation and purification; please note that air flow values are tested at zero atmospheric pressure Maximum. Quick installation and easy maintenance by simply removing end of duct with locking tabs; Universal mounting bracket to indicate airflow direction. Speed Controlled — Variable speed controller designed into 5.4 ft power cord, its A three-speed switch allows the fan to run at low, medium and high speed, and you can adjust it to the desired airflow level according to your requirements.

ECO Farm Air Silver Flex Ducting Adjustable Tube

Flexible Length
Flexible length for exhaust fan blower / inline fan; quick and easy to set up.
Built-in steel wire for reinforcement and long lasting performance.
3-Layer Thickness
Flame-retardant coating. Temperature endurance range from 0 ~ 185°F (-18℃ ~ 85℃).

About Determining the Ideal Fan Placement

For good air circulation, airflow should be horizontal. The first fan should be placed 10–15 inches away from the wall at one end. Subsequent fans should be located 40–50 inches apart to keep air mass moving. If plants are placed on the floor or benches, the fans should be placed 7–8 inches above the ground. Greenhouses with hanging baskets should have a fan placed above or below the baskets. This ensures that the direct air stream doesn’t dry the foliage.

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