Recent breakthroughs in LED technology have created a new generation of effective, cool-running grow lights that cost a fraction of the old-school options both to buy and to run, consuming up to 90% less energy. They have also reduced down in size, enough to be easily incorporated into average house decor, some seamlessly integrated into planter-cum-lamp designs. There is also increasing evidence to show LED grow light provides a significantly higher yield than traditional lighting.

Long Life
In an environment where constant lighting is needed to make sure the plants can grow and flourish properly, lifetime is extremely important and of course, a long lifetime also allows for less frequent maintenance service time and costs.

LED lights have an incredibly long lifetime compared to other lights, often lasting for 10–20 years due to their high efficiency and low energy use.

Targeted Wavelengths
In order for plants of any sort to grow healthily in a greenhouse environment, the conditions therein need to be carefully regulated and controlled. Most importantly, they need to grow under the right temperature and light in order for photosynthesis to occur as naturally as possible.also allows for less frequent maintenance service time and costs.

Research has shown that plants are most sensitive to particular wavelengths of light and absorb the most chlorophyll when exposed to red and blue lighting colors. The highest efficiency of chlorophyll absorption occurs between 400 to 500nm and between 600 too 700nm, which is impossible to optimize using traditional HPS lighting where most of the light output falls outside this range. LED grow lights, on the other hand, can employ specific spectra to match these peak absorption ranges.

 Energy Savings
A recent study of tomatoes in greenhouses revealed that for this setting, energy consumption can be decreased by up to 75% when compared to traditional lights. This means financial savings, increased efficiency and better for the environment.

Less Heat
LED grow lights have the clear advantage in comparison to other lighting methods in that it emits far less heat. This is of crucial importance for plant growth as too much heat can be very damaging to plants, decreasing growth and often leading to decreased life time.

Flexible Design
LED lighting has another significant advantage of being more flexible in design and technology compared to alternative lighting methods. For greenhouse lighting, this is especially important as different methods and placements can be employed for optimal lighting of the plants.


ECO Farm DBL 320W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light With Samsung Chips

ECO Farm DBL 320W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light With Samsung Chips can adjust the light intensity according to the needs of plants. The top LED Samsung 281B chip provides up to 2.5 umol/j of light efficiency. The light chip is composed of 3000K+5000K (6000K)+660nm+740nm. The full-spectrum LED grow light adopts scientific spectral ratio design to maximize photosynthesis and optimize output. Maintain a balance of PAR/lumen output and coverage. long life . Full-spectrum LED grow lights are optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development. The newly upgraded structure and materials make the light lighter and have IP65 waterproof.

ECO Farm ECOR 480W Dimmable Quantum Board With Samsung LM301H Chips +UV IR MeanWell Driver

ECO Farm ECOR 480W Dimmable Quantum Board adopts the latest led technology Samsung 301H 3500K + Red 660nm + UV+IR. With a high efficiency of 2.6 umol/j and a high yield of 2.2g/wattt, a 50% higher yield can be achieved. Using high quality Samsung 301H LED chips and MEAN WELL drivers, the lights are also made of LED boards, passively cooled by a large area thick aluminum heat sink. Let your plants get more energy without burning them for maximum space. That is, it applies to the whole process of plant growth.


ECO Farm 240W Dimmable Quantum Board Samsung 301B/301H Chips LED Grow Light With IR UV

ECO Farm LED Grow Lights use our custom designed full spectrum high efficiency white light quantum board with Samsung LM301B and deep red LED 660nm and far red 730nm and UV 395nm, 120W 240W 480W 720W. Quantum LEDs provide a beautiful working and research environment with vibrant colors and greater contrast to study crop health. The ECO Farm Classic Quantum Board has a dimmer knob that adapts to the different growing seasons of your plants. The first choice for beginners and professional growers. Ultra-thin design, large heat dissipation area. The heat is low enough that you can place the lights directly over the plants and give them all the light they could possibly want.


ECO Farm 100W V4 Samsung 301H Chips +UV IR LED Light Strips


ECO Farm light strip adopts full spectrum (3500K), 660nm+730nm, 660nm+730nm+385nm design, the best Samsung LM301H LED chip with high yield rate provides everything plants need under natural sunlight and promotes healthier plants by stimulating photosynthesis , more balanced growth. The timer can set automatic on/off time. . IP65 waterproof silicone coating.



LED grow lights: low heat, low power consumption, long lifespan
small LED grow lights are popular for indoor growers because they emit very little heat and are very energy-efficient. Also, LED grow lights have a long lifespan, so you won’t need to replace them as often as other types of grow lights.According to research, LED grow lights only consume one-third of the electricity used to light fluorescent lamps. LED grow lights, which are specially designed for this purpose, boost crop productivity by two to three times than sunlight.

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