If you’re planning on growing veggies, a full spectrum light with a color temperature in the blue range (5,000–7,000K) is recommended, and for fruits and flowers, the red range (3,500–4,500K) is the guiding light.

What color LED light is best for vegetative growth?

If you’ve noticed your yields are always below average, it might be the color of the lights you’ve been using. Different color lights have different effects on the plants they’re lighting. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish or what stage your plants are currently in, you’ll need a specific color of LED grow light.

Blue Light: Blue lights with a Kelvin color temperature from 5000K to 6500K or wavelength in the 400–500 nanometer range are best for the vegetative stage of the grow cycle and for starting seeds indoors

Green Light :Green lights are commonly used during a plant’s dark cycle because it doesn’t trigger photosynthesis or photoperiod hormones. This means it does not disrupt the plant’s “night” cycle while allowing you to navigate the grow room to water, check timers, and spray nutrients or bug repellant. These are particularly useful if your crop requires short periods of daylight with long nights.

Red Light:Red lights from 2000K to 3000K and 640–680 nanometers are most important in the flowering stage. This range of light promotes stem growth and overall plant height because red light signals that there are no other plants above it so it can grow unimpeded. They also encourage fruit and chlorophyll production, so they can be used to extend the light cycle of long-day plants and vice-versa for short-day plants.

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These led grow lights below are very tall grow lights sold on our website:

ECO Farm ECOZ Series 250W/510W/700W/1000W Samsung LM301H Chips LED Grow Light Strips With Separately UV+IR Control

Key Features:

ECO Farm ECOZ 250W/510W/700W/1000W series lamp with top bin Samsung LM301H chip (5000K+3000K) + Osram (660nm+730nm) + Ruifeng (395nm), provide all the medicinal plants in the whole growing process Necessary lighting stages — from VEG to Flower. Adjustable full spectrum 3-channel dimming mode, each channel can be controlled individually. The UV IR is individually controlled; passive heat dissipation, noiseless operation. The ECO Farm ECOZ range provides strong light output and uniform canopy penetration to maximize yields. The “plug and play” quick installation design makes your way of growing easier, with minimal maintenance costs, easy installation, and especially significant savings in shipping costs. Save 100%-200% lighting compared to other brands; let you get 30% higher yield than traditional lamps, increase your income with better quality flowers and higher yields (maximize crop yield through vertical planting).

ECO Farm G3 Series 400W/650W/800W Foldable LED Grow Light With Samsung LM301H/ LM301B/LM281B Chips

Key Features:

ECO Farm G3 Series grow light uses durable IP65 waterproof aluminum material, Samsung LM301H/LM301B/LM281B LED chip and OSRAM power supply, with high efficiency of 2.5 umol/J, provides strong light output and uniform canopy penetration for maximum increase production. PPF of 2000 umol/s maximizes yield with 50% higher average PPFD and 60% higher yield and quality compared to traditional LED lamps. With a power consumption of 400W/650W/800W, it is a high-end high-performance commercial grow light. Utilizing today’s latest high-yield LED technology, the Maximum Yield Spectrum features an enhanced 660nm LED chip and a warm 3500K LED chip, which accelerates the flowering and fruiting stages and is ideal for dense buds. The light can be used in commercial, home, grow tent, grow room, hydroponics, soil growing. This 800W LED grow light is best for 6x6 FT grows. The lamp has good heat dissipation and 50,000 hours of life, 50% lower electricity bills than HID lamps! The dimming design will also enable precise dynamic PPFD control of each plant growth stage, making it the best choice for growers LED grow lights.

ECO Farm 700W/860W/1060W Waterproof Samsung 281B / 301B LED Grow Light With UV IR Separately Control

Key Features:

ECO Farm 700W/860W/1060W Waterproof Samsung 281B / 301B LED Grow Light With UV IR Separately Control Correct use of lamps with UV IR to ensure your plants grow better and get more trichome density and THC content . UV diodes increase the THC content of the plant and should only be used during the last two weeks of the flowering period, and may negatively affect the plant if used at other times of the year. What UV IR does: Increase the number of flowers, use it only at the beginning of flowering, stop using it as soon as buds start appearing. This requires that IR and UV must be controlled separately. IR and UV only need to be turned on separately when blooming, so we design IR and UV separately. IR is beneficial to plant flowering and fruiting, and UV can promote the formation of plant THC and CBD. Brightness can be adjusted from 0% to 100% to suit the needs of plants at different stages of sowing, vegetable and flowering, making planting easier for you. It comes with an external RJ 14 cable and allows you to install up to 200 fixtures per controller via a simple daisy chain. Easily dim and control a large number of lamps for you.

ECO Farm DBL 320W/480W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light With Samsung Chips

Key Features:

ECO Farm DBL 320W/480W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light With Samsung Chips maintains a balance of PAR/lumen output and coverage. long life. The light intensity can be adjusted according to the needs of the plants. The light chip is composed of 3000K+5000K (6000K)+660nm+740nm. The full-spectrum LED grow light adopts scientific spectral ratio design to maximize photosynthesis and optimize output. Full-spectrum LED grow lights are optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development. Assembled design, no fan and no noise — DBL LED grow light can be easily disassembled, installed and moved. Newly upgraded structure and materials to make the lamp lighter. The top LED Samsung 281B chip provides up to 2.5 umol/j light efficiency, high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, and has IP65 waterproof.


Best depends on your needs. A large, high-intensity light may be required to cover a large area. In a grow tent, small LED light fixtures may work just fine and generate far less heat. Therefore, you must consider light output, heat to be treated, height above plants, available color temperature, operating costs and fixture costs. There may not be one perfect light, but you can use small fluorescent or LED lights in smaller enclosed areas and larger, high-intensity lights in more open areas. All lights will grow plants well in the right conditions.