Can you believe how many different types of trimming scissors are out there?

And as you might expect, most are pretty useless.

But even the good ones tend to only be good for specific jobs. And when it comes to trimming weed, there are multiple distinct trimming jobs.

The trimming you need to do during vegging is different from the trimming required during harvest. And both are different from the trimming of a bud for smoking.

Each of these different tasks is best performed with a different type of scissor.

Sound complicated?

For those who are looking for pruning shears for harvesting cannabis, where it’s legal, a right pair of trimming scissors can increase the yield without damaging the plant. 

ECO Farm Handheld Electric Trimming Scissor Variable Speed Control Brushless Motor Leaf Trimmer

  • ECO Farm handheld scissor is has high trimming speed and precise trimming. Humanized design, comfortable to hold.
  • Small and sturdy, easy to carry.
  • Long service life, more than 15,000 hours of use, and will not overheat.
  • Affordable price, save your money and increase yield.
  • Brushless motor can trim uninterrupted for hours.
  • Self-clean and rust-resistant high carbon blades.
  • Ergonomic design to bypass muscle pain and strain.
  • Protect your investment for 3 years.

ECO Farm Professional Pruners Heavy Duty Garden Shears

  • Reduce hand pressure: The scissors use soft grip handles, sharp stainless steel blades and quick-release springs to eliminate the daily pressure caused by long-term trimming.
  • Professional design: Our pruning shears are not only durable and light, but also made of high-quality super-sharp stainless steel blades, soft handles, comfort, quick-release springs, and easy to use.
  • Suitable for all types of gardening: These extra durable pruning shears are a must-have for hobbyists or commercial growers who care about product quality and love to trim flowers by hand. Whether it is pruning stems, rhizomes or pruning flowers, we believe that these scissors can help you get the job done.
  • Sharp strong comfortable: ECO Farm pruning shear can easily to "clip and snip" only the area or part that you want to cut with one-hand and without damaging the other stems.

ECO Farm 16 / 19 Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer With Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

  • Design with a transparent plastic cover with high transparency, easy to observe the cutting situation.
  • Replaceable blades: The blades of the bowl trimmer can be replaced. When you trim dry and wet plants, you can replace the corresponding cutting blades to provide a better cutting effect.
  • Removable handle for convenient storage, also removable grille for easy service.
  • Stainless steel bottom bowl, easy to install the cut leaves, easy to clean.
  • High effiency and save time: Advanced metal wheels can increase the cutting speed of the blade and save time. Save the finishing time after use, and can trim excess leaves and branches on various plants and flowers.
  • Use the power of 30 rubber strips in a unit to quickly sweep the plants to prevent adhesion and damage to the plants.


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