A grow tent setup without a grow tent fan or multiple grow tent fans is a grow tent setup destined to fail. The grower will experience poor yields, weakened stems and can suffer from burnt canopies.

Air circulation is vital in any grow tent setup and if you don’t do your research, or fail to incorporate the right equipment, you may as well be throwing your time and money away.

The Solution?

It can be as easy as incorporating a cheap everyday clip-on or tabletop fan, It really is that simple, this is one area price should be no obstacle.

When thinking about incorporating a grow tent fan into your grow room or grow tent, all it really comes down to is personal choice, the type of grow tent setup, size of the grow tent fan needed and price, that’s about it.

Quite often people will use search terms such as best fans for grow tents, hydroponic fans, best grow tent fans, etc…Thinking they’ll find one specific fan to beat all others.

But let’s be honest, there’s a multitude of fan options out there that could be used for your grow room. So below we’ve highlighted some of the best reviewed fans to speed up your growing journey.

ECO Farm 6 Inch Portable Oscillating Mini Clip Fan 3 Speed Control


  • 3 speed control, adjustable airflow: The 3-speed seeting fan rotates 180 degrees allow your plants to get airflow from different directions, keeping them cool in every angle
  • Energy-saving & whisper-quiet motor
  • ECO Farm 6 Inch Clip Fan could mount wherever needed.
  • Convenient clip-on design: This oscillating fan is equipped with a strong clamp that firmly grips onto a tent pole, shelf or other surface for convenient cooling power where you need it.
  • Safe construction: ECO Farm clip fan features a coated safety grill that keeps fingers and other items at a safe distance from moving blades while it is in use.

ECO Farm 6 Inch Grow Tent Fan with 120 Degree Clip and 2 Speed Control


  • Pole mount design for grow tent: This fan is specifically made to be easily connected to 15-26mm (.59in to 1in) poles in a grow tent. The clip features rubber inside to ensure the fan does not move while it oscillates.
  • Air circulation: higher yields: benefits to having a fan like this in your grow tent include, reduction in mold, keeps temperatures constant, improved ventilation and promote root growth which means bigger plants and higher yields.
  • 120 Degree oscillating: fan can oscillate 120 degrees or be stationary. 6” Triple spiral fan blades are angled to deliver efficient airflow with high and low settings to keep you and your plants cool and comfortable.
  • 2 Speed + fully adjustable: fan has high and low speeds. Fan can be adjusted to direct air flow exactly where you need it.

ECO Farm 16 /18 Inch High Velocity Wall Mount Fan


  • ECO Farm 16/18-inch wall mount fan with oscillation function, which makes it possible to easily change the fan’s direction, allowing you to customize the airflow area and reach.
  • 3 speed and oscillating function.
  • Wall fan made of a metal fan grill and strong steel neck support.
  • ECO Farm wall fan is moderate in size, silent, powerful, small in userspace, and can provide you with a comfortable space and easy to clean.
  • The quiet yet powerful motor will create a cooling breeze, perfect for your grow room, greenhouse, or other small or larger areas.
  • The fan is easy to use being operated with pull chords at the base of the main body.


When starting a grow tent setup, you’ll need a grow tent fan or multiple grow tent fans at some stage, there are hundreds of options out there from clip-on grow tent fans, all the way up to industrial grow tent fans.

They can range in price from the very affordable to your ridiculously expensive. Remember, it’s all personal preference and depends on what type of grow room you have, and what you hope to achieve in terms of the end product.

In terms of inline fans for grow tents, carbon filters, and extractor systems, we’ll be covering them in later articles so be sure to check back.

Above we’ve highlighted some of the more positively reviewed grow tent fans, i
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