When we all started smoking medicinal plants for the first time we quickly learned that we need somewhere to stash them. The best way to prevent people smelling your stash when carrying your weed is to buy yourself a good smell proof container.

Smell proof containers are a great investment for any stoner who doesn't want the world to know they have a bag of medicinal plants in their pocket. There are many different types of smell proof containers that vary in shape and size.

Picking out the best container simply depends on your personal needs. The range in size means that depending on where you plan on storing your goodies and whether you tend to take it with you on-the-go will influence which case you should buy.

The main purpose of smell proof containers is obvious, however many of them go above and beyond.

For example, some containers have been designed to protect your stash from UV exposure, while others are meant to keep your stash protected and eliminate shake so trichomes remain undisturbed. In this article, I'm going to go over all of my favorite smell proof containers and their uses.

ECO Farm Odorless Storage Bag Smell Proof Case With Lock Design

1. ECO Farm smell proof bag is perfect for storage of a variety of items without odors or moisture getting in or out. - Ideal for keeping strong smell medicinal plants and other items fresh and flavorful

2. Features advanced carbon linings that will keep your stash items fresh, flavorful and secure. No odors will break from this odor proof bag.

3. Lined with 8 activated carbon fiber layers and water-resistant nylon fabric to lock in odors and hide smells.

4. Measures 5.5 wide x 4.5 tall x 8.5 length –Large usable and dividable interior space. Our odor-free bags are also suitable for storage use with other products, in many different activities – probably almost anything you can think of. 

5. Tear-resistant and equipped with heavy-duty zippers

ECO Farm Carbon Smell Proof Case With Combination Lock Design Odor Locking Stash Bag

1. Smell-proof carbon lining– Features a 100% activated carbon lining that effectively absorbs and blocks out any smell - Keeping your medicinal plants and other contents inside the bag safe and discreet. The airtight scent proof stash bag will keep everything inside fresh and dry.

2. Combo lock protected – Keep everything inside your discreet stash bag away from peeping. Only you will be able to access the portable scent-proof bag with the built it combination lock feature. Works by locking in the zipper pull tabs until ready to open.

3. Waterproof sealing zipper – Smell-proof waterproof zipper and additional interior filter barrier for extra odor control, keeping all your contents dry.

4. Perfect Size: Big enough to store necessary accessories, small and lightweight for portable carry, also can be fit into duffel bag.

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