When it comes to taking care of the medicinal plants in order to ensure the success of your grow operation, there are numerous things that come into play. There are several aspects that are important and must be properly taken care of if the grower aims to have to accomplish the goal of a maximum yield.

Stem and branch damages is a situation that no grower prays for, the majority of people don't know what to do with their damaged plants. Some are even known to give up when a branch seems to be detached or broken from the stem. If a grower continues to give up on every medicinal plants stem and branch that is broken or bent, it'll be extremely difficult to consistently maintain maximum yield. This, among many other reasons, is why it's very important that growers know how to take care of damaged stems and branches.

How Can You Fix Broken or Detached Stems?

The most common method of fixing broken stems is to use the tape method. Both duct tape and scotch tape can be used to help plants heal. Which kind you use will depend on the extent of the damage and the weight of the branch being mended.

Follow these steps to fix your broken stems:

  • Prepare a piece of tape about 10cm in length (you may need more for larger stems/branches).
  • Wrap the tape around the broken stem, making sure it fully covers its original base.
  • Ensure that the stem and its base are packed together tightly to allow mending.
  • Leave the tape on for between 2–4 weeks.
  • Check healing progress every day.


Instead of using tape alone, use a splint to offset the load from the injured branch. Tape a piece of wood or a pencil parallel to the break. Make sure you wrap the tape around the broken site with appropriate tightness. Wrapping it too loose will cause the broken ends to slip out of union. Wrapping it too tight will further damage the vegetative tissue. When it comes to removing the tape, do so with care to avoid further damage. If the tissue hasn't healed yet, you can easily create a tear if you’re too heavy-handed.

How To Fix Bent Stems

You can also use external supports to protect the injured site from the pull of gravity. After taping the break, follow the steps below to offload your broken branch.

  • Select a structure: There are plenty of structures to choose from, including a small plastic or metal trellis or simple bamboo stakes inserted into the soil.
  • Tie your plant: Use soft garden ties to gently bind the broken branch to the supporting structure. Apply one tie just before the break, and another one past the break to support the injury from both sides.
  • Add some stress: Remove the ties a few days before you plan to remove the tape. Giving your plant some time to adapt to the force of gravity will prepare the broken tissues for the initial shock.

Why not use this opportunity to train and reshape your plant while it heals? Using bending clips won’t just reinforce the break, but it’ll help you achieve a better shape. Before you proceed, we don’t recommend bending stems on plants that are flowering. You can get away with it during the first two weeks of bloom, but past this point, it’s best not to disrupt the flowering process any further.

  • Apply the training clip and bend your plant in the desired direction.
  • Reinforce the training clip with tape to keep it secure and support the break.
  • Remove the tape 2–4 weeks later and leave the clip in place.

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