Rosin Micron bags

With the world of medicinal plants ever changing, those of us keeping an insight on the industry have seen its fast paced evolution happen right before our eyes! From old school flower grown straight from the ground, all the way to high end concentrates created using scientific methods to extract all of the active oil compounds that make up the medicinal plants. Most notability being, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), while leaving behind all of the non-wanted plant material.

One of the newest forms of cannabinoid extraction is known as rosin, a process that uses the heat and pressure of rosin press to separate the medicinal plants from the oil, by the use of a Rosin Micron Bag.

What is a Rosin Micron Bag?

A Rosin Micron bag is a sown bag composed of NYLON mesh that acts as the filtration system to separate the medicinal plants plant from the cannabinoid oils that are desired. Much like a coffee filter, these bags come in different grates that are measured in Micron units. These bags can be cut into various lengths and widths depending on the size needed for use. 

Understanding Micron Units

A micron is a unit of measure in the metric system equal to 1 millionth of a meter in length (about 39 millionths of an inch). The average cross-section of a human hair is 50 micron, and the human eye cannot see anything smaller than 40 microns in size.

50 microns – Diameter of a human hair
40 microns – Lower limit of visibility of a human eye 25 microns – White blood cells
8 microns – Red blood cells
2 microns – Bacteria

How Do You Use a Rosin Micron Bag?

The rosin micron bag comes flat from the manufacturers, requiring you to turn it inside out before use, like a pillowcase. You’ll grind your favourite legal herbs in your grinder as normal and then add them to the bag.

Fold the end of the bag over to prevent any herb from escaping, and place it between a folded sheet of parchment paper on the rosin press.

Drop the plates onto the bag and squeeze them to the recommended pressure. The hot rosin bleeds through the micron holes in the rosin bag, leaving behind the plant matter. As a result, you have fresh rosin concentrate on the parchment, with no plant matter contaminating the concentrate.

What size Rosin Micron Bag do I Use?

Rosin micron bags are available in a range of sizes to suit your concentrate requirements. Typically, most bags range between 25 and 180-microns. The size of the bag determines the type of material used during the press.

25u-90u is ideal for sift, water, or bubble hash
90u-180u is good for flower or trim.

Here are three high quality rosin micron bag:

ECO Farm Rosin Press Silicone Mat Rosin Scraping Tool

  • Environment Friendly: ECO Farm silicone mat used to handle the stickiest concentrates with ZERO waste or mess, and make the sticky tools stay clean of debris. Environmentally friendly and completely reusable.
  • Advanced Material: This mat is comprised of advanced silica with high-temperature resistance, pressure resistance, tension, and flexibility.
  • Easy to Clean: The silicone mat is very easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Two Kind of Size: You can choose the mat size of 800*400mm/ 400*300mm according to your need.

ECO Farm Nylon Rosin Bags For Rosin Press Filter Bag

1. We use the 100% nylon thread to stitch the filter bag, our thread is thicker than normal.
2. Our sewing machine is a smart sewing machine, the stitches are small and dense to prevent powder leakage
3. The filter bag material can be 100% nylon/ polyimid or polyester
4. Filter area: 0.002-1 (m2)
5. 5 pcs a pack

ECO Farm Rosin Press Bags With Multiple Choices

  • 100% Food-grade: ECO Farm rosin press bags made of ultra-strong 100% polyester monofilament mesh. We provide the highest quality and lowest cost solution for your rosin press!
  • Popular in the market: ECO Farm filter bags are the only filter brand trusted by hobbyists and experts alike. The best premium-quality filter bags and accessories in order to give people access to the cleanest rosin oil extraction.
  • Easy to use: These bags are tube-shaped to promote the highest yields by minimizing the distance the oil has to travel to escape the rosin bag. Just simply turn it inside out, fill it up, fold over the end and you are ready to press.
  • Multiple choices: ECO Farm rosin press bags have many choices that allow you to choose. Mainly come with four types: 2*3 inch/ 2*4 inch/3*5 inch and four different densities, 36μm/72μm/90μm/120μm.

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