According to the report, since the Industrial Revolution, the global annual temperature has increased in total by a little more than 1 degree Celsius, or about 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Between 1880—the year that accurate recordkeeping began—and 1980, it rose on average by 0.07 degrees Celsius (0.13 degrees Fahrenheit) every 10 years. Since 1981, however, the rate of increase has more than doubled: For the last 40 years, we’ve seen the global annual temperature rise by 0.18 degrees Celsius, or 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit, per decade. 

At its core, indoor farming applies technology to the challenges of mass food production. By growing indoors in a controlled, pesticide-free, ‘sunless’ environment, indoor farming uses far less water and land than conventional farming. Farms can be built anywhere, reducing both costs and carbon emissions from transportation of produce to consumers and increasing food security. 

Under the global warming effects, the temperature of the earth will keep raise, and the rate of appearance of extreme weather will raise too. In the future, Indoor farming can provide a stable environment for plants to grow. Since the global warming problem can be solved temporarily, the transformation from outdoor farming to indoor farming is a smart choice. For indoor farming, the LED light is the most important item compared to other indoor 

Here are some valuable LED growing lights,

  • ECO Farm ECOZ 250W/510W/700W/1000W series light with top-bin Samsung LM301H chips (5000K+3000K)+Osram (660nm+730nm)+Refond (395nm), offering all the necessary light effiency to your medicinal plants in whole growth stages - from VEG to Flower
  • Adjustable full spectrum 3 channels dimming way, each channel can be controllable separately.
  • UV IR seperately control
  • Passive cooling, no noise operation.
  • Higher yields and lower cost: ECO Farm ECOZ series delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields.
  • ECO Farm MS 660W/760W/900W full spectrum LED grow light strips with enhanced red for full-cycle grows. Using Samsung LM301B high bin LEDs, efficacy is up to 2.7μmol/J.
  • No wiring needed, it takes less than 30 seconds to install a fixture.

    0-10v auto & manual dimmable control. 2 dimming solutions, manual and automatic dimming are optional.

    Passive heat dissipation design (No need for internal cooling fans)

    Uniform Light distribution. Each light bar is evenly distributed on the 2 ends of the power supply, and the PPFD value of each point is very uniform, giving your plants the most uniform growth environment.

    Save 50% space for the same 660W/760W/900W grow light in the market, thus could save shipping and storage space.

    • ECO Farm MB2 660W/ 720W light using the highest output Samsung 301B LED chips and Osram 660nm chips, efficacy is up to 2.7umol/J. High PPF is up to 1782μmol/s. Ultra-high PPFD than Fluence/Gavita.
    • Advanced Sonsen LED driver can provide higher performance
    • Full-spectrum grow light, Samsung 301B white light, and enhanced Osram red 660nm, good for full-cycle growth, high yield
    • 180° Folding design, just hang it up and plug and play, very convenient and flexible to adapt to different growing areas
    • Standard 0-10V knob dimming, support the daisy chain RJ port
    • UL, DLC, CE, ROHS certified
    • Big footprint: suitable for large-scale use in greenhouse, commercial growing space etc.

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