In order to ensure the best quality for your freshly harvested buds, you must prepare your buds with a process known as curing, which involves drying your buds slowly in a controlled environment, then keeping buds in glass jars over the course of a few weeks to let certain natural plant processes occur. The drying/curing process causes buds to smell better and for effects to feel more potent. It also reduces harshness.


There are several ways to dry medicinal plants, including:
  • Hang-drying the whole plant.
  • Wet-bucking flowers off the plant.
  • Drying plants on food-grade drying racks or by using industrial drying chambers.
  • Mechanized drying can reduce drying time from weeks to hours but can often lead to runaway expenses.

Mechanized drying can reduce drying time from weeks to hours but can often lead to runaway expenses. But traditional hang-drying isn’t always cheaper; it’s labor-intensive and can lead to crop damages or losses if not done correctly. Growers choosing to hang-dry their plants can leave plants whole or break them into single branches.

The specific growing region should also be considered in choosing a drying method. In damp or humid regions, it’s advisable to break plants into individual branches or allow more space between plants to reduce the potential for mold. Conversely, dry or arid regions might require whole-plant drying to slow the drying process.

If your average plant is 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide before harvesting, then you will want roughly 75% of that space to hang your plant. Plants will require less space for drying due to branches pulling closer to the plant center once hung upside down. Depending on the specific mass and profile of the flowers, the drying process generally takes three to four weeks.


When buds are done drying and have been trimmed, the initial amount of moisture is out and it’s time to cure your medicinal plants.

For curing, you’ll be storing finished buds in containers—typically airtight glass jars—to stop the loss of moisture, and to preserve flavors and aromas. Curing usually takes two weeks to a month, and humidity inside curing containers needs to be between 55-65%.

The curing process is possibly the most overlooked aspect of growing weed. During curing, moisture continues to draw from the center of the bud toward the outside.

Curing affects the flavor and quality of the smoke. Many terpenes, which give medicinal plants its unique smell and flavor, are quite sensitive and can degrade and evaporate at temperatures as low as 50°F. A slow cure at low temperatures will preserve terpenes better than a quick, hot dry.

A proper cure also allows you to store medicinal plants for long periods without worrying about mold or cannabinoid or terpene degradation. Well-cured flower can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to two years without significant loss of potency.

The following are three best electric medicinal plants dryers:

ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine

  • ECO Farm dryer machine provides you a perfect environment during drying your medicinal plants every time.
  • It's designed with advanced technology that can give you an ideal temperature that has been tested exclusively for drying medicinal plants.
  • It's very easy to use and very portable to carry out.

ECO Farm 5 Trays Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine For Household

  • Easy to Use: This project aims to make your work easier with easy-to-use operation buttons. Just select dehydration. 35-70℃ different composition and different temperature, eight-level adjustment.
  • 5 trays capacity: It also comes with 5 removable stackable trays. Hollow shelf, food grade material, fine workmanship. 
  • 360-degree: The fan and heating element installed at the bottom can provide a stable air flow to achieve the best drying effect without rotating.
  • Work Effeciently: It dries plant by removing moisture content, shrinking the plant but still retain 97% of nutrients.

ECO Farm 5 Trays Commercial Medicinal Plants Dryer Dehydration Machine

  • 5 dry-layers for putting more food every time
  • The transparent layer can check medicinal plants all the time.
  • Lower price and best quality----food grade safe plastic material,   stackable and break-resistant layer to ensure long-lasting
  • Adjustable temperature setting for easy choosing the most suitable temperature for different products.
  • Save time, money, and space

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