The best way to make your Monstera grow faster is by giving it more light. The houseplant grows well in bright light. However, it doesn't need direct sunlight. You can also make the plant grow taller by watering it properly, boosting the humidity around it, keeping it clean, fertilizing it and give it some grow lights.

Now, I’m gonna introduce you three perfect grow lights for growing your monstera in ECO Farm. Let’s get started.

ECO Farm 700W/860W/1060W Waterproof Samsung 281B / 301B LED Grow Light With UV IR Separately Control For Indoor Planting

IR and UV only need to be opened separately during flowering, so we design IR and UV separately. IR is beneficial to plant flowering and fruiting, and UV can promote the formation of plant THC and CBD.

  • Easier and more effective dimmer switch: can adjust brightness from 0% to 100%to adapt the needs of plants in different stages of seeding, veg and flower, which making you planting easier
  • Group Control The Lights: It is equipped with an external RJ 14 cable and allows you to install up to 200 fixtures per controller by simply daisy chain. Easy to dimming and control a lot of fixtures for you. Gospel for commercial
  • True IP65 protection against water and dust
  • Five-year warranty, 10000 hours on UV diodes

ECO Farm High-Efficiency 100W/150W/200W UFO LED Plant Grow Light

100W Philip 3030 chips Details:

100 Watt Phillips SMD 3030 LED modules produce 130 Lumens per watt - Save even more by using a lower watt unit. Premium-grade components make this an industrial grade LED High Bay Light or Warehouse Light.

New ‘UFO style’ is the latest in LED technology. Smaller, longer-lasting and more efficient. Only 10.6inches/ 280mm in diameter, the new design is more compact without sacrificing performance. Preinstalled Hook makes installation easy. Simple replacement for existing lights or for new installation. Product Weight only 9lbs / 4.1KG for easy handling. Stop replacing old Metal Halide, HID or CFL bulbs with the new UFO High Bay LED light.

  • Full-spectrum 100W/150W/200W UFO grow light is optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development.
  • Long service life
  • Noise-free fanless led grow light for indoor plants
  • High-Efficiency PPF LEDs  as well as energy saving.
  • IP65 Waterproof for all conditions.


ECO Farm VEG 30W/45W/60W LED Grow Light Bar With Samsung 281B+ Epistar Chips For Monstera

ECO Farm mixed spectrum provides your houseplants with targeted wavelengths required for precision crop growth. Each color is fully adjustable to modify lighting conditions along with plant development. The result is higher plant quality and more consistency over your end product.

High efficiency and low energy consumption - ECO Farm VEG series LED grow light for Monstera utilizes the latest in high yielding LEDs technology with Samsung 281B+ Epistar chips, delivers a powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. 3000K+6500K+660nm/ 660nm+460nm, ideal for vertical growing.

Passive heat dissipation, No Fan, means ZERO Noise. No Fan Noise Free design will make your growing life easy and quiet, large areas of solid aluminum quickly heat dispersing reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increase the light intensity, allowing your plants receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom.

ECO Farm 30W/45W/60w LED grow light can replace traditional 100 watt HPS/MH, More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights.

Slim design that is easy to assembly, making it small, compact, and easy to install.

More than 50% higher in PPFD compared with HID light

Energy-saving with 37% lower power consumption.


Monsteras are unique, easygoing houseplants whose dramatic leaves are adorned with dramatic hole formations. Monsteras are vining plants and love to trail over the pot or climb along a stake or trellis. Use the lighting for her best growth.

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