Meidicinal Plants And Perlite

Soil is often favoured for its ability to retain natural organisms and moisture. However, these benefits can quickly overwhelm plants and lead to a string of problems. This is where perlite steps in to counterbalance some of the negative qualities of soil. In typical applications, perlite is mixed with soil to create a growing medium that has improved drainage, but still retains the soil’s natural attributes. The result is a healthier, stronger medicinal plants plant that can produce better yields.

What Is The Best Way To Use Perlite? 

While it is possible to grow medicinal plants using a growing medium consisting entirely of perlite, this approach is most commonly used in hydroponics and requires advanced growing knowledge to get the best results. In the majority of scenarios, perlite will be mixed with soil or coco coir to create a balanced medium for growing medicinal plants.

For both soil and coco coir, you can add between 10–50% by volume of perlite. If you are planning a modest nutrient cycle, aim to use between 10–20%. This volume of perlite provides a middle-ground between moisture retention and runoff. If, however, you intend to use a lot of added nutrients or supplements, a 30–50% perlite mix can negate the risk of nutrient lockout from the plant being overloaded. At this level of concentration, the leaching of nutrients will be high because of the increased drainage and subsequent water runoff.

Advantages Of Growing In Perlite

  • It isn’t just the improved drainage that makes perlite an advantageous medium for growing medicinal plants. Below are several reasons why you should consider adding it to your next indoor grow:
  • Increased oxygen levels form because of the air pockets created by perlite. Roots thrive on oxygen, so expect improved rates of growth.
  • Being inert, perlite will not upset nutrient concentrations.
  • Ideal for clones, as the lightweight structure of perlite means roots can penetrate easily.
  • The decreased weight means handling potted medicinal plants plants is much more comfortable. The benefits stack up when you are cultivating multiple plants.

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Many of the disadvantages of using perlite can be easily mitigated. This makes the benefits significantly more accessible, and in nearly all scenarios, perlite is an essential addition to growing medicinal plants.

Now that we know what perlite is, how it’s made, and how beneficial it can be for potted medicinal plants, there seems little reason not to use it in your next grow. With the ability to improve yields and promote healthy growth, perlite could be your new best friend.

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