“It’s too hot inside the grow room, and the dying plants are soon going to freak me out!  What can I do now?”

If you’ve yet to build your grow space, that’s cool. But in case you already have one, then a high temperature might be troubling you badly. So, before proceeding further, take a look at the most possible reasons for it.

  1. If there is a problem with the ventilation system, it traps the heat generated in the tent, thus raising the temperature.
  2. The heat around the tent could be a sign that the air-conditioning system isn't up to scratch. The hotter it gets, the more work the cooling system has to do. Otherwise, the temperature and heat will go up.
  3. If you have too many heat sources in the tent planting area and not enough coolant to neutralize them, then this is another possible cause.
  4. The lack of proper insulation on the outside of the tent is another possible cause that we want to address. This is likely to happen in the summer climate belt.

      5. Or maybe you LED grow light could have helped you a lot.


Problem is here, now lets talk about how to solve this situation.

Method 1: Relocate Your Grow Tent

Re-locate the positions of the clip-on or stand fans within the grow room. Also, you can adjust the speeds if they offer to do so.

Move your planting tent to the coolest part of the house. For example, basement, air conditioning, some air vents. Or somewhere near your window.


Method 2: Use mini Air Conditioner

It’s an obvious fact that air conditioners are supposed to keep the temperature of space down. And for a confined and contoured space like a grow tent, this works better than any other scenario.

Therefore, if you want to spend after cooling down your tent, mini ac units are the one that you should do it after.

Method 3: Optimize the Ducting

This is something that many growers often overlook, which ultimately leads to an unexpectedly hot growing environment. This is the over-bending part of the catheter.

A clear calculation is that for every 90 degrees of rotation in the duct, the intensity of the fan will increase by 5%. So, the more turns and bends you have in your pipe, the less efficient the fan will be. Then if the air is poorly transferred, the heat will go up.

So, make sure your pipes are minimally turned and bent while they go from other places to your growth chamber. This works from both the intake and exhaust ducts.

Method 4: Use a dimmable ballast

Dimmable ballasts give the indoor greater flexibility during those hot summer months. If the temperature gets crazy hot it’s possible to dial down the output of the grow lamp. Of course, this will reduce the lumens as well as the temperature and yields will subsequently be decreased. This is not a perfect solution, but dimmable ballasts can facilitate a scaled-down indoor summer grow show, instead of a total shut down.

Method 5: Invest in LED grow light

LEDs are the perfect remedy for the indoor grower hell-bent on cultivating indoors even when the weather outside is positively Martian. The beauty of LED lighting is, that most of the energy is converted to light rather than heat, which ensures cool running.

At present, the only real drawback with the latest generation of LED systems is the price. But if you’ve got the cash, LEDs are a great long term investment in your grow op and once you gain a little experience expect bigger yields and higher potency buds.


These are 5 most feasible ways to cool a grow tent that you should try.

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