Temperatures are dropping in many parts of the world and unfortunately, medicinal plants don’t like the cold. In fact, most medicinal plants strains grow significantly slower once the temperature gets under 60°F (15°C), and freezing temperatures can cause major injury or even plant death.

How To Grow Medicinal Plants In Cold Winter?

Keep roots warm and up off the cold floor

A plant growing outdoors is often more resistant to cold than indoor plants. Part of that resistance comes from the fact that their roots don’t experience big temperature fluctuations. Medicinal plants don’t like “cold feet”. But you can capture that power indoors, too. If you’re growing in a basement or garage, it’s common for the floor to be cold. When that’s the case, put your plants on a tray or some other barrier to prevent roots from sitting directly on the chilly floor. Plants are droopy and sad when their roots get chilly. Keep the plant container off the ground when growing in a cellar or other space that has a cold floor.

Be prepared for a power outage

One challenge for growers in wintry climates is the impending chance of their electricity going out during the winter months. Indoor growers rely on electricity to keep plants alive, especially in the winter, so it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time.

Avoid LED Grow Lights (Use HPS if Possible)

LED grow lights are amazing for their ability to produce a lot of light without much heat and as a bonus make plants more heat-resistant. A perfect combo for growers who are struggling with a hot grow room.

However, if you deal with cold temperatures, LEDs are a poor choice. Not only do they produce little heat, but they also make plants less resistant to cold in general. On the flip side, HID grow lights like CMH/LECs and HPS produce a lot of heat to help keep plants warm. HPS in particular also produces a lot of infrared light, which helps raise the internal temperature of leaves to help keep plants warm from the inside out.

I live in California but it gets cold in the winter and our home doesn’t have any built-in heating. At night the temperature can drop to 40°F (4°C) or occasionally even lower. We keep warm with space heaters in the living areas, but I prefer not to run a heater just for the grow room. That’s why in the winter I often grow with my HPS grow light. As a bonus, you get insane yields and potency from an HPS grow light in a cool grow area. HPS is a superior light when the temperature stays consistently under 75°F (24°C). I set the “night period” to be during the day and have the lights turn on at night when it gets cold so plants stay warm and happy.

I bring out my HPS grow light when the temperature drops. It puts off a lot of heat to keep plants warm. On top of that, the high levels of infrared light make plants more resistant to cold.

Here are three good HID grow lights:

ECO Farm Double Ended 1000W HPS Grow Light Kit Dimmable Light For Greenhouse

ECO Farm 1000W DE HPS grow light kit delivers ultimate light output, superior uniformity and deeper canopy penetration. It is high intensity light and produces noticeably bigger, fuller flowers and overall heavier yields. HPS light has the good spectrum that is best for flowering stage of plant growth.

  • High performance dimmable high-frequency ballast with overdrive.
  • Glass optical silver-coated reflector with >99% reflectivity.
  • 1000W DE HPS lamp has the highest available PAR light outputand maintains results after multiple growth cycles.
  • Maximum light efficiency, 25% more grow lights towards crops.
  • Support external controlfor multiple lighting fixtures.

ECO Farm 1000W HPS Double Ended Hydroponics Grow Light Kits- G-Star Kit

  • ECO Farm double ended 1000 watt grow light system is a premier choice for your garden. Available in 1,000-Watt versions, the lighting system sets a new standard for others to follow.
  • ECO Farm Hood Kit (1000 Watt) This combo can make you control the grow light automatically, plant more conveniently. It not need fans or ducts to cool, which can cool itself, so it can help reduce the energy to save money This set can solve all problems you have in the process of indoor gardening.
  • High-frequency dimmable ballast: High frequency digital dimmable ballast 120V-240V designed specifically for double-ended grow lamps 1000 Watt(HPS/MH).
  • 1000w HPS bulb: Ultra-bright at 155,000 lumen CCT 2,050k, optimized red & blue spectrum encourages flowering growth. Provides 35% more available energy than the high standard pressure sodium lamp.
  • Double-ended adjustable reflector German aluminum layer of 98% reflection and excellent color rendering.

ECO Farm DE 1000W HPS Double-Ended Grow Light

  • Delivers an optimal PPFD value over a large footprint. The ballast designed with a high precision microprocessor that makes it super efficient and an exceptionally dependable piece of equipment.
  • Being completely silent and lightweight, you will not be disturbed, as this ballast is entirely noise free and can easily be moved if the desire is required.
  • Emits a clean, pure light
  • Checkerboard with DE HPS or use on its own to produce a quality plant without a loss in yield
  • HIGH FREQUENCY DIMMABLE BALLAST: High frequency dimmable ballast 120V-240V designed specifically for Double Ended Grow Lamps 1000W (HPS/MH).
  • HIGH REFLECTIVITY RATING: Sturdy reflective hood is made of aluminum rated at 95% reflectivity, with excellent color rendering and outstanding high quality, and the high quality lamp holder.
  • Includes a Super HPS Double Ended 1000W HPS Bulb, high PAR output, providing 35% more available energy than Standard HPS Lamp bulb.

Switch timer’s on/off cycle so grow light is running at night

Let me elaborate a little more on changing the light schedule. It’s common to grow in a garage or attic that is an okay temperature during the day but too cold at night when the grow lights go off. In this case, change your plant’s light schedule so the grow lights turn on at night (during the coldest hours) to help equalize day and night temperature. Hot grow lights help keep plants warm. If it’s getting cold at night, change your timer so grow lights turn on in the evening during the coldest hours.

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