A lot of indoor plants growers struggle with yields. It’s fantastic to grow your own weed, but you must grow enough of it! Otherwise, growing may feel like a waste of time and effort.

Luckily, medicinal plants yields don’t have to be a mystery. There are specific factors that cause yields to be big or small, and nearly all of them are under your control. The following article contains a comprehensive list of what you can do to increase yields.

Before Buds Start Forming

1.) Choose High-Yielding Genetics

A lot of growers focus purely on their setup, nutrients, growing technique, and other aspects of their environment, yet don’t pay much attention to strain.

Your genetics actually have a tremendous effect on yields. If you grow two plants in the exact same conditions, chances are one will produce more bud than the other. Sometimes the yield differences between strains are enormous.

2.) Grow Correct Number of Plants

The number of plants can affect your total yield in two ways:

More Plants – Growing a lot of small plants lets you fill a grow space faster, resulting in more harvests in a year if everything else is the same. If you increase the number of harvests, you’ll produce more buds in the same amount of time. This idea is the basis of the Sea of Green method.
Fewer Plants – You can achieve the same yields with fewer plants by letting them get big enough to fill a space, but it takes longer in the vegetative stage for plants to get to the final size. Depending on how much extra time, this can push back harvest time and reduce the total number of harvests you can produce in your grow space. If you must limit the number of plants (many growers have legal plant limits), you can maximize yields with training techniques such as manifolding.

3.) Use The Right Pots

Choose the right container type and size for your setup.

Air pots and fabric pots allow air to get to roots from the sides, resulting in significantly faster growth rates. The one downside is these pots need to be watered about twice as often because they dry out more quickly.
Pots that are too big for your plant tends to slow growth, especially young plants that get overwatered. Learn how to water a small plant in a big pot so it grows as fast as possible.
Too-small pots restrict plant roots and keep plants from growing as big as they could. Plants in big pots can get huge!
If possible, it helps to start plants in a smaller container and transplant to bigger ones after they’ve started growing vigorously. Learn more about transplanting.

Here we'd like to share with you some efficient LED grow lights that can help you. 


ECO Farm ECOZ Series 250W/510W/700W/1000W Samsung LM301H Chips LED Grow Light Strips With Separately UV+IR Control



  • ECO Farm ECOZ 250W/510W/700W/1000W series light with top-bin Samsung LM301H chips (5000K+3000K)+Osram (660nm+730nm)+Refond (395nm), offering all the necessary light effiency to your medicinal plants in whole growth stages - from VEG to Flower
  • Adjustable full spectrum 3 channels dimming way, each channel can be controllable separately.
  • UV IR seperately control
  • Passive cooling, no noise operation.
  • Higher yields and lower cost: ECO Farm ECOZ series delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields.
  • 'Plug & play' fast installation design makes your grow way easier with lowest maintenance cost and easy installation, specially big saves on shipping.

ECO Farm G3 Series 400W/650W/800W Foldable LED Grow Light With Samsung LM301H/ LM301B/LM281B Chips


  • User-friendly dimmer suits full-cycle home horticulture. Wider 8-bar light for even & broad canopy coverage.
  • Reality full sectrum grow light: utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology today, max yield Spectrum with enhanced 660nm led chips and warm 3500K led chips, it speed up blooming & fruiting stages, perfect for Density Buds.The light could be used for commercial,home,grow tent,grow room, hydroponic,soil growth. this 800W led grow ight is best for 6x6 FT growth.
  • The light is great in heat dispersing & 50000 hours lifespan, drop 50% in electricity bill than HID lights!
  • Dimming design would also enable the exact dynamic PPFD control over each of plant growing stages, its growers' best choice LED grow light.

ECO Farm ECO Net Series 680W/1000W Fordable LED Grow Light With Samsung 301B Chips


  • Excellent heat dissipation structure design.
  • Al6061 alloy allows high temperature resistant and corrosion resist a·
  • Full - spectrum meets every stage of plant growth .
  • High PPE up to2.73-2.75umol/J.


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