If your medicinal plants get too tall for your grow space, you're not alone; it's a really common problem for indoor growers. A meidicinal plant's ability to grow very tall in a very short amount of time can (and frequently does) get growers into a lot of unexpected gardening trouble!

If you need help with a meidicinal plant that's too tall, this article will teach you what to do!

Low Stress Training

Low stress training is performed on the plant when it first starts to grow. At a high level, LST is basically bending your plant over once it gets to about 6” tall and tying it over so it stays. As it grows, keep bending it over and directing it around the base of the pot. You will need a way to tie it down gently without digging into the plant.

Remember this is called low stress training because you are applying minimal pressure as to not snap the stalk or stems. If your pot is big enough, you could lay down up to 2’ of plant which means your plant will be 2’ shorter in height.

Topping is an Excellent Way to Stop Your Plants from Getting Too Tall.

  • Once your plant is a good 12” to 18” tall and/or has at least 3 branch levels (nodes), locate the very top center growth shoot of the plant/growth. Cut that center growth shoot off leaving a few centimeters or a quarter inch of stalk above the highest branch line.
  • This way, there is a location for new growth to start at that point where it will now branch off into at least a couple of stalks instead of just the once that was there previously. The important thing with this method is to cut all the growth shoot off, just leaving a bit of that stalk. I really hope that made sense.

Fimming is Another Way to Keep Plants Shorter

Following the methods for topping, instead of cutting the new growth shoot off, just go about halfway down the shoot and cut it there. This method causes less stress on your plants and they will recover quicker than topping. What fimming will do is force more growth in the lower nodes. It’s that simple.

Keeping the Lights Closer to the Plants

This will stop them from stretching and getting too tall. Yes, it’s true if the plants are not getting enough light, they will stretch to reach whatever light there is. Let’s look at how close the lights should be.

LED grow lights can be kept very close to medicinal plants, as they do not throw off much if any heat and will not typically cause light burn. Try placing the LED lights approximately 12” above the plants to start and watch how the leaves react. If they start to curl and droop, then raise the light a few inches.
If the leaves look healthy and are growing at a fast rate, you could try lowering them to as close as 6” from the top of the plant. The leaves of the plant will tell you if they like it or not.
If you are using HPS or other lighting, try setting the lights at approximately 24” from the top of the plants. Most other lights will generate heat and will more easily cause light burn. Always watch the reaction of the leaves to see if they like the light or not.

So here I recommend some good LED grow lights:

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