Farming takes a huge toll on the environment. Over the past 40 years, the Earth lost over a third of its arable land to damage caused by soil erosion (from over ploughing) and pollutants (like pesticides). This forced farmers to look for more sustainable solutions for food production, and the vertical urban farm provides just that.

Increasingly, farmers are turning to new growing methods and technologies to boost crop yields and protect themselves from losses. Vertical farming is a sure-fire way to increase production and protect against adversity. It offers many benefits that all farmers should explore thoroughly.

Traditional farming methods can produce about 40 lbs of lettuce per 100 square feet of planting space, based on standard row plantings. By contrast, vertical farming can produce roughly three-quarters of a ton of leafy greens in the same amount of space.

Plants per Acre

The most apparent way vertical farms produce increased crop yields is by maximizing the production of each acre. Traditional field farms plant their crops in long, low horizontal rows, requiring a lot of space to grow crops. In a vertical farm, plants are stacked high in trays or towers, allowing a farm to produce a greater amount of food in a much smaller footprint.

By stacking plants vertically, a farmer can raize dozens of plants in the space they would otherwise only grow one. By maximizing space in this way, higher yields can be assured.

More Harvests per Year

On traditional farms, it’s common to have one or two harvests per year. Since crop growth is tied to the seasons, breaking out of this constraint is nearly impossible. But since vertical farms are generally grown indoors, seasonal change is irrelevant.

When farmers can control the climate of each crop, they can grow their plants to maturity far faster and can plant new ones as often as the cycle will allow. Since our average harvest cycle is just 28 days, farmers can grow 11-13 harvests per year. This is a significant boost to crop yields.

Greatly Reduced Crop Loss

One of the most difficult challenges of farming is avoiding crop loss. Traditional farming methods make it difficult to guard against extreme weather, swarms of pests, pollution and contamination, and soil degradation concerns. So many conditions work against farmers, and most are beyond their control when growing plants in an open-air environment.

Vertical farming offers answers to these problems as well. Within the controlled environment of a hydroponic greenhouse, climate concerns are nearly nonexistent. That means that crop loss due to flood or drought is not a concern. In fact, vertical farms can do well in regions of the globe where adverse weather conditions are the norm. Even in the driest deserts, the coldest tundras, and the most storm-prone areas, these greenhouses continue to produce.

Within the protection of the greenhouse system, plants are also far less susceptible to pest problems. While these can’t be entirely eliminated, they are far easier to control without the dangers of toxic chemicals.

Vertical farms often can avoid soil-related concerns as well with farming techniques that remove soil from the equation entirely. Hydroponic farms are an excellent example, where plants grow in water instead of dirt. This means erosion and soil degradation play no role, while plants can receive a perfect balance of nutrients directly to their roots for maximum benefit.

With all of these crop-killing problems removed entirely or significantly mitigated, farmers can be assured that their plants will all reach maturity, be harvested, and make it to market. Compare that to traditional farming methods, where 20-40% of crops are lost to diseases, animal pests, and weeds each year, and even more are lost to climate and weather crises.

ECO Farm Vertical NFT Grow System 2 Layer 6 Pipes 54 Holes Hydroponic Grow Kit

  • 54 sites hydroponic grow kit - Layers: 2; Pipe Quantity: 6; Hole Quantity: 54; Pipe Size: 2.5"x31"; Planting Basket Size:1.7"x1.7"x1.8"; Spacing between Holes:3"; Sponge Size:1"x1"x1"; Hose Length: 51"; Overall Dimension: 39.8" x 14.9" x 31.5". The appropriate dimension provides enough space for you to enjoy fresh vegetables, flowers and other plants.
  • Premium food grade PVC-U - this hydroponic grow kit is made of food-grade PVC-U for long-term use. Oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots for better growth.
  • Pump for water circulation - our grow kit comes with a DC 12V 1A 4W water pump for better water circulation. The pump should be immersed in water to avoid damage, and it is suggested to put it into a 20L water tank(not included).
  • Easy to install & use
  • Wide applications - the growing system is suitable for leafy vegetables in your home, garden and office. It is ideal for planting lettuce, rape, celery, beets, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.

ECO Farm Vertical Farming 4 Tiers 8 Tubes 72 Holes Hydroponic Growing System

  • Food grade materials - Adopted food-grade PVC-U, pipes are lighter and more corrosion resistant. The resistance of water flow in PVC-U water pipe is small, so the nutrient solution can reach the plant roots smoothly, and it is not easy to block.
  • 72 holes hydroponic grow kit - The listing is about Hydroponic Grow Kit, 8 pipes, 4 layers, 72 plant sites, ideal water culture garden system.
  • High yield & good quality - Soilless cultivation can fulfill the production potential of crops. The yield can be increased in multiples compared with the traditional soil cultivation. Requires less water, less space.
  • Simple to assemble & use - Extremely simple to assemble and use, this hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening. Perfect for beginners! No experience needed.
  • Wide application - It is especially suitable for leafy vegetables in home, garden and office, such as lettuce, celery, cabbage, medicinal plants etc.

ECO Farm Vertical 8 Pipes 72 Holes Soilless Cultivation Planting Rack NFT Hydroponic Growing System

  • Clean & environmentally friendly: soilless cultivation with nutrient film technique can meet the production potential of crops; compared with traditional soil cultivation, the yield can be doubled; requires less water and less space.
  • Simple to assemble & use: this water culture garden plant system is extremely simple to assemble and use; great for beginners; no experience required; It is easy to take care of, no arable land, saving time and energy.
  • Specification & application: each PVC pipe with ample space for vegetables, flowers and plants; It is especially suitable for leafy vegetables in home, gardens and offices, such as lettuce, rape, celery, beets, bell pepper, garlic seedlings, canola, etc.

Get Started with Vertical Farming

If you’re looking for a way to boost your farm yields and protect crops against pests, weather, and other problems, vertical farming is an excellent option. 

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