LED light has helped indoor farming and in making sure we have some fruits and vegetables all year round that was otherwise seasonal. LED is one of the greatest Inventions in 21 century, today I'm going to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the LED light. Why is it important? In the future, they are so popular that we wouldn’t be surprised when it eventually takes over traditional lighting mechanism.

Energy-efficient: This is one of the biggest advantages because LED lights save about 90% energy compared to traditional lights.
Long Lifetime: 50,000 hours or more if properly engineered.
Environment Friendly: There is no toxic substance in LED light.
No warm-up period: The LED provides instantly light.
Excellent color rendering: A almost perfect sunlight alternative

Blue hazard and blue pollution: There is a concern that blue LEDs and cool-white LEDs are now capable of exceeding safe limits of the so-called blue-light hazard as defined in eye safety, which reports, if you look at it for a long time, the light that comes from LED grow light will hurt your eyes. From my perspective, this is the biggest disadvantage. Health is always in the first place.
High Initial Price: LED grows lights are always more expensive than the other light source.

In a conclusion, LED grow light is expensive but more useful for plants to grow, and it's environmentally friendly, Including low energy waste. LED light still is more valuable than other light. With the development of indoor farming, LED grow light is going to be more and more popular.
Here I recommend 2 excellent LED grow lights with full-spectrum and it's on sale due to the 420 holiday, plus blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes.

Firsly, ECO Farm 690W LED Grow Light Strips WIth Samsung 301B Chips UI2 Series Separately UV IR Control. 

  • ECO Farm LED grow light has customized full-spectrum LED plant lamp beads + Sonseng power supply (can be matched with Samsung lamp beads and Mingwei power supply solutions), and a special spectrum ratio scheme specially developed and matched for medicinal plants, which is more than conventional full-spectrum High PPFD and PAR, the efficiency is also higher.
  • The radiator module is integrally formed, and is made of high-purity refined aluminum anodized, and uses physical heat dissipation, which greatly extends the service life of the lamp.
  • On the basis of the integrated design of the power module and the light-emitting module, detachable ultraviolet and infrared light-emitting modules are added. The unique folding design and detachable solution are more convenient to use.

ECO Farm ECOZ Series 250W/510W/700W/1000W Samsung LM301H Chips LED Grow Light Strips With Separately UV+IR Control.

  • ECO Farm ECOZ 250W/510W/700W/1000W series light with top-bin Samsung LM301H chips (5000K+3000K)+Osram (660nm+730nm)+Refond (395nm), offering all the necessary light effiency to your medicinal plants in whole growth stages - from VEG to Flower
  • Adjustable full spectrum 3 channels dimming way, each channel can be controllable separately.
  • UV IR seperately control

Plus, ECO Farm Anti UV Blue Lights Eye Protect Glasses

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