For a farmer, LST must be a familiar ward, LST method not only guarantee the quality of the plant growing process but also help farmers gain more yield from a plant. It's a very important planting method, and every begging farmer must technology this method.

What is LST? LST is represent Low-Stress Training, which means there is lower stress for a plant to grow, farmers need to make sure every single plant gains enough light, land space, and abundant nutrition. In the other words, Low-stress training is a technique that helps plants create multiple “colas,” usually referred to as buds. It can help you make the most out of a smaller, usually indoor grow space. When grown naturally, plants tend to be bushier at the bottom and grow into one narrow cola at the apex.

How to Start LST as a beginner? Well, you can start LST at any time through your planting process, however, the earlier you start the more dramatic effect you will gain. And the suggested timing would be the time that plants roots. This means, that when your plants start rooting, you start the LST planting method to make sure plants root strong enough to tie down.

What's the benefit of the LST method - better lighting distribution. By bending and securing plants in a way that breaks apical dominance and evens the height of the canopy, all areas of the plant will be exposed to greater light distribution, thus creating more viable buds sites and larger yields at the end! Not only that, but LST doesn’t even require you to alter your growing setup to achieve great results. All you need is some know-how and a few essential tools.
This is especially critical for medicinal plants, having a strong plant root, then developing the height of the plant, and finally harvesting the valuable fruit at the top of the plant.

In conclusion, LST ensures the quality of plants' growing process, improves the total yield, meanwhile uses the lighting and landing resource in an efficient way, a highly efficient way of indoor planting. After you gain the product, I highly recommend you purchase a ECOFarm high-quality rosin press machine to keep the value of your yields.

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