After cutting down medicinal plants at harvest, a proper dry and cure are crucial for buds. These processes help preserve and accentuate flavors by retaining terpenes and cannabinoids, while diminishing chlorophyll and getting rid of the vegetal taste of the plant.

The drying process is the initial drying of buds, which usually happens in the open air—freshly harvested plants can lose up to 75% of their weight to moisture loss, as well as sticks, stems, branches, and leaves that get trimmed off.

When dry trimming, drying happens first and then buds are trimmed; in wet trimming, vice versa. A dry shouldn’t be too quick or too long: Too quick and the outside of buds will appear dry but the insides won’t be; too long and buds could develop mold. When buds are trimmed and dried, they are placed in airtight containers for curing. This stops the loss of moisture, preserving flavors and aromas and allowing buds to take on their full flavor.

How long does it take to dry medicinal plants?

Drying takes about 2-7 days. The process is usually shorter when wet trimming because most of the plant material is trimmed away first and there is less plant to dry. When dry trimming medicinal plants, you can hang harvested plants upside down on a line or hanger, either whole plants or branches—this prevents buds from getting flattened or misshapen as they dry. When wet trimming, you’ll place trimmed buds on a drying rack. Whether wet or dry trimming, check drying buds or branches after two days by bending a branch or stem—if the stem snaps, that means buds are fully dry. If they don’t snap, leave them and check the next day.

How to set up a medicinal plants drying room?

Keep harvested weed in a dark room with temperatures between 60-70°F and humidity between 55-65%. A cheap hygrometer will help you monitor these numbers.

Add a small fan to circulate air, and you may need to add a dehumidifier or AC as well. If it’s taking too long to dry buds in your space, you may need to adjust the temperature or humidity to help the drying process.

Medicinal plants drying room equipment

  • Drying rack or line to hang buds for drying
  • Hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity
  • Fan
  • AC unit (optional)
  • Dehumidifier (optional)

You must also need medicinal plants dryer machine. let's look at three best electric plants dryers.

ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine

  • ECO Farm dryer machine provides you a perfect environment during drying your medicinal plants every time.
  • It's designed with advanced technology that can give you an ideal temperature that has been tested exclusively for drying medicinal plants.
  • It's very easy to use and very portable to carry out.

ECO Farm 5 Trays Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine For Household

  • ECO Farm dryer machine can provide a quicker, more efficient  for drying medicinial plant, give you high-quality drying results every time. And it's designed with small size that very convenient to carry.
  • This machine could retain the terpenes, flavor, and THC content during drying proccess.

ECO Farm 5 Trays Commercial Medicinal Plants Dryer Dehydration Machine

  • 5 dry-layers for putting more food every time
  • The transparent layer can check medicinal plants all the time.
  • Lower price and best quality----food grade safe plastic material,   stackable and break-resistant layer to ensure long-lasting
  • Adjustable temperature setting for easy choosing the most suitable temperature for different products.
  • Save time, money, and space

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