Tips for Growing medicinal plants in a Small Space. You can grow medicinal plants in a small space, if you know what to do. Growing medicinal plants in a small space means that you have to follow certain steps. A lot of people believe that the medicinal plant needs a lot of room to grow, but that is not necessarily true.

There are people who are growing medicinal plants in their apartment closet successfully. medicinal plant is always eager to grow almost anywhere as long as the plant gets the appropriate nutrients and light. So you can have any size grow room to reap a harvest.

Being Discreet

Growing medicinal plants in a small space comes with several benefits as well. It allows the grower to be discreet in producing the weed, especially if the person is concerned about what the neighbor might think. When you are growing medicinal plants in a small space, it will keep down the noise that machines make in a hydroponic operation. It also does not generate the strong aroma as in the hydroponic operation and it won't attract as much attention for others. And on top of that, the space will produce a good return instead of a small return, but you have to be growing medicinal plants efficiently using the right methods. Let us now look at what you would need in your space.

What is Needed

A medicinal plants grow space could measure 2’ x 2’ x 4′ or you can grow your medicinal plants in small tent or a large warehouse. You will get a good yield, if your plant can grow as big as it can. However, light is also important to the results. The medicinal plant needs height more than width and that is why a small space might be sufficient. It is also necessary to keep the lights from being directly placed on the plant and so height would be ideal to accomplish this. One thing you should avoid is putting your plants in a dirty closet. The space has to be clean and your plant has to be protected from the outdoor environment.

Drainage is also essential to growing medicinal plants in a small space because you have to get rid of any standing water. In addition, medicinal plants cannot go without fresh air and so the air in an enclosed area has to be circulating for proper ventilation. An air conditioner or heater would suffice so that the temperature in the space is regulated. It also depends on the climate that you live in.

Medicinal Plants Grow Tents

Many growers that want to use a smaller space might settle for grow tents, which are smaller units than a hydroponic operation. You can use the grow tent for cultivating a handful of medicinal plants. Some of these grow tents are smaller than a laundry hamper, which helps to control the environment for the medicinal plants to grow. It makes it less challenging or less of a hassle when you use a tent in growing medicinal plants.

The Concern

Some growers are concerned about lighting when it comes to growing medicinal plants in a small space because those lights can get really hot and have to be kept at a distance so the plants can flourish naturally. If the lights are too hot, it might burn the medicinal plants and make your work useless. LED lights for growing medicinal plants are better to use because they give off less heat. With LED grow lights, the plants can grow closer to the source of light without the concern that it will be damaged by heat.

Training the Medicinal Plants

When you are growing medicinal plants in a small space, you should consider training the plants so you can increase the yield. You should also consider one of these methods to train your plants; namely the low-stress training method known as LST, the scrogging training method known as screen of green or the high stress training method known as HST.

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