Plants need the light. Beyond water and some good dirt, it is the essential element of a plant’s growth life cycle. However, not everyone has a suitable climate for growing plants. Either that or you want to grow year-round instead of only in the spring and summer.

Indoor growing operations have become standard for those of us with green thumbs and no comfort climate. A greenhouse or sealed room can still nourish and grow flourishing plants with artificial light. LED grow lights are great for indoor operations that want to save on traditional lighting. Anything with a bulb will run a much higher electric bill. Did you know that there’s an even better version of an LED? Full Spectrum LED grow lights (also known as FS LED grow lights) allow plants to receive even more beneficial sunlight to keep them healthy and growing big and strong.

What Does Full Spectrum LED Lighting Mean? 

To understand full-spectrum lighting, you first need to know how light works. Light exists on a wave spectrum. Depending on the length of those waves, we get different colours. That’s how rainbows are formed when rain and the sun split the light into its full visible light spectrum.

However, there are other parts of the spectrum we can’t see, infrared and ultraviolet light. Some LED lights exist on a small piece of this spectrum. These LED’s are known as narrow spectrum LED’s and can only display blue or red lights.

Grow lights LED for plants should come as close to the sun’s light as possible. The narrow-spectrum LEDs don’t even come close to that. Instead, use a full spectrum LED, which displays white light and reaches all ends of the light spectrum. They are the best grow lights for plants. Growers are adopting these lights because they’re easier on the eyes in an enclosed operation. Also, they display a broader range of lights shades on your crop throughout the entire growing process.

Research shows these different ranges of light can be more beneficial than we initially thought. Green, for example, has recently been found to play an important role in photosynthesis. The energy in the far red region has been linked to the growth of stems and leaves. It’s better to give your plants this full range because they might miss out on something they would have received from the sun.

Top 3 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

ECO Farm MB4 880W Master/Station Spectrum Dimmable Samsung +Osram Chips UV IR LED Grow Light Strips

  • ECO Farm Master/Station version foldable LED fixture, with 8 bars, could evenly cover 4’X4’ and 5X5’ area.
  • Actual 880W light, provide powerful and quality light to the plant.
  • High-efficiency full spectrum light strips: 

    The full-spectrum led grow light is optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development. Using Samsung white chips and Osram red chips, could up to 2.8 μmol/J, PPF up to 2184 μmol/s.

  • Master version light with built-in LCD color screen, showing the detailed status of the fixture and its group members. Such as dimming percentage, wattage, amps, PPF value, spectrum, timer status.
  • Highlight: Built-in a control system on Master, with a step-less dimmer and five-step timer. One Master can control up to 50pcs of Stations. In other words, any changes made in Master will sync across all the connected Stations.
  • Spectrum Tunable. There are four types of spectrum built-in this fixture, it provides a suitable spectrum for different stages of medicinal plant growth, such as V1 for VEG stage, F1 for the flowering stage, FS for the last two weeks of flowering.
  • UV/IR enhanced bars was easy to install/uninstall from the fixtures. Item was our most creative mechanism design that enables you the most time-saving and convenient way to install the fixture.
  • Note: Our lights contain UV IR by default

ECO Farm MS 660W/760W/900W Samsung 301B Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Light Strips

  • ECO Farm MS 660W/760W/900W full spectrum LED grow light strips with enhanced red for full-cycle grows. Using Samsung LM301B high bin LEDs, efficacy is up to 2.7μmol/J.
  • No wiring needed, it takes less than 30 seconds to install a fixture.
  • 0-10v auto & manual dimmable control. 2 dimming solutions, manual and automatic dimming are optional.
  • Passive heat dissipation design (No need for internal cooling fans)
  • Uniform Light distribution. Each light bar is evenly distributed on the 2 ends of the power supply, and the PPFD value of each point is very uniform, giving your plants the most uniform growth environment.
  • Save 50% space for the same 660W/760W/900W grow light in the market, thus could save shipping and storage space.

ECO Farm Blue Version 650W LED Grow Light With Samsung 301B Chips Full Spectrum Light Strips

  • ECO Farm blue version 650W LED grow light combine with highest-quality light chips: Samsung 301B (3000K, 6500K) +Osram (660nm, 470nm,450nm). Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for its particular wavelength.
  • High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers
  • Even, edge-to-edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots
  • Ideal full spectrum for both Veg and Flowering stages
  • The best active heat management in the industry, crucial to maximizing LED life, efficiency, and spectrum stability
  • Largest heat sink among LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life,ultra-efficient LEDs 70,000+ hour rated lifespan
  • IP65 waterproof in damp/wet location.
  • Added 470nm, 450nm two kinds blue lighting, better for plant growing.

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