What is indoor farming?

Indoor farming is a type of agriculture that grows plants or vegetables indoors, indoor farming can be as small as family size but also, able to grow to a large size. Its techniques are based on cultivating a vast variety of crops entirely indoors. Indoor farming involves numerous growing systems, facility types, and technology-driven operations aimed toward commercial production.

Different farming method

There are many indoor farming styles, for example, Soil-Based indoor farming, Hybrid indoor farming, Aeroponics indoor farming, Green House indoor farming, and so on. The most common way of indoor farming is Solid-Based indoor farming and hybrid indoor farming.

Why is indoor farming so popular?

Technological innovation and development have led to the increased popularity of indoor farming. Thanks to these advancements, indoor farmers can fully measure and control all the variables involved in growing plants and can farm on a larger scale at reasonable costs.
Farming indoors is also about 170 times more productive than outdoor farming and enables faster crop growth and more frequent harvest cycles due to the controlled environment. This means that growing seasons can be extended and seed-to-harvest times can be shortened.

Why does a well-developed country own more indoor farming?

Firstly, a well-developed country always comes with well-developed technology skills, too. Secondly, as this article mentioned, Indoor farming is 170 times more productive than outdoor farming and it's more efficient compared to outdoor farming. Some well-developed countries are small like Japan and Israel, these countries don't have enough land to set agriculture, indoor farming is a brilliant choice for them, vertical the indoor farming takes small land space meanwhile, provides highest productivity and efficiency compared to outdoor farming.

As an individual what can we learn from this report?

The answer to this question is highly dependent on which country you are living in. If you are a farmer and from a well-developed country, The earlier you try indoor farming the more benefit you are going to earn. Indoor farming gives higher productivity and efficiency, meanwhile, the quality of indoor farming products is also better because what nutrition plants need is measured scientifically and there is no medic needed to kill bugs indoors. As a conclusion for farmers from developed countries, the higher early cost can bring huge benefits shortly, after the benefit covers the early cost in the first run, the benefit rate is way higher than indoor farming. If you are not from a developed country and you are not a farmer, you can also try indoor farming. planting commercial crops is a good plan, as some high-value medicinal plants. Because indoor farming requires a small space, you can set indoor farming vents in your house, wait for these commercial crops you grow mature then earn a good amount of money.
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