ECO Farm 480W/640W/800W/1000W Dimmable LED Grow Light Full Spectrum With Samsung 301 Chips+ UV+ IR

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Watt: 480W
Driver: Inventronic Driver
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  • ECO Farm dimmable LED hydroponic grow light full spectrum with samsung 301 chips +UV+ IR, providing powerful light output and enhancing canopy penetration to resulting in higher yielding footprint.
  • The ECO Farm Samsung LED grow light features a balanced spectrum with best possible LED diodes available. Optimized plants growth at every stage of its development, from seeds to harvest. Convenient dimmer knob brings more flexibility for growers to adjust brightness to match plants' each growing phase needs.
  • ECO Farm offers higher PPFD and uniform PAR output to maximize crop yields.
  • No fans zero noise. With high safety performance and reliable UV certified driver, thick aluminum heat sink and waterproof glue coating panel, high quality grow light ables indoor growers to achieve their growing targets all year round.


    3 years

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