We applies the world's leading light planting technology in medical plants cultivation. Up till now, our six warehouses have already spread all over the world, including US, Canada, Germany (in Hanover), Thailand (in Bangkok), China (in Shenzhen and Hong Kong). With the goal of being a worldwide growing equipment supplier, Eco Farm storehouses are still increasing. Thus, we promise a convenient product trail and lower freight charge for the whole world.

Currently, our company has a team of around 300 people, covering indoor growing plants planting R&D, planting equipment R&D and installation, and international trade. Our Shenzhen branch is set up for logistics transportation and equipments manufacture.

Our HPS+LED Artificial Light-Type Medical Plant Factory Project has been adopted by a large group of medical plants growers in America (Canada and the United States), Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain), Africa (South Africa), and Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Georgia, Israel and Sri Lanka). We are obtaining a successful and long-term cooperation with our clients.

Our HPS+LED Medical Plant Factory Program can be further divided into HPS+LED Medical Plant Decoration and Construct, Illumination Schemes on HPS + LED Spectrum, Time Scheme on Medical Automatic Drip Irrigation, Time Scheme on Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation of  Medical Plants Sealed Box, Ratio Scheme on Medical Plants Nutrient Solution, Medical Plants Pruning and Harvesting Scheme.

The core business of us is providing the world's leading techniques and equipments for medical plant growers across the globe. They are as follows:

First, we provide the world's leading equipments at the lowest prices and establish a global retail and wholesale network of plant factory and indoor planting equipments.

Second, we provide indoor cultivation and decoration solutions for medical plants growers, which is called Mini Medical Plant. To put it simply, you provide the size of your room, and we draft out 3D sketches based on your room size, then we deliver to your house, we also help you with setup, installation and commissioning after sale.

Third, we provide systematic solutions on medical planting, which covers every stage of medical plants growth. These are Illumination Scheme on Medical Plants LED Spectrums, Time Scheme on Medical Plants Automatic Drip Irrigation, Time Scheme on Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation of  Indoor Growing Plants Sealed Box, Ratio Scheme on medical plants Nutrient Solution, Medical Plants Pruning and Harvesting Scheme,and Medical Plant Dry and Initial Processing.

Fourth, other in-depth services. These are remote guidance for planting program, plant factory design and construct for HPS+LED medical plants. With the help of cameras and temperature, humidity and light sensors, we provide all-round remote planting care.