ECO Farm Double Ended Grow Light System Kits With 1000W Dimmable DE HPS Growth Lamp Kit

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Voltage: 240V
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    • Using reflective specular German aluminium (97% Reflective), almost all light from your bulbs are redirected at your plants
    • High frequency adjustable ballast will provide great lighting at any dimmable setting
    • High output and energy efficient
    • Stable operating system
    • Fully sealed ballast housing 10% more light compared to single ended setup

    Detailed of electronic ballast:

    Model number DE1000W-220S
    Rated/dimming Output wattage 500-1050W
    Input V/Crated 208V/5.4A
    Output frequency >80KHz
    Efficiency >93.5% @240V
    Ignition voltage  <4.5kV
    Required lamp Voltage 200V +/- 20V
    Input frequency 50/60Hz
    PF >0.998 @ 120V
    OCV >440V
    THD <10%
    CCF <1.7
    Max distance from ballast to lamp 3m(10ft)
    Operating temperature range -20~45C
    Max case temperature 80C


    Detailed of light bulb:

    Mean output(lm) :145000 Photon flux(umol/s) :2050
     CCT(K)* 2000 Bulb Designation:T32.5
    Base Designation:K12x30S

    Lamp Operating Voltage(V) :225+/-20


    Lighting kit size: 580x255x269mm
    Carton box size: 620x275x295mm
    Reflector size: L32.3 x W24.8 x H11.7(cm)
    Gress weight: 7.5kg


    • 1x 1000W dimmable high-frequency digital ballast
    • 1x 1000W double-ended electronic HPS lamp
    • 1x replaceable miro aluminum reflector
    • 1x 2 meter power cord

    DE 1000W light kit-2

    1000W 全光谱灯具套装-3



    DE 1000W-4

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