ECO Farm 1/8 Inch Adjustable Heavy Duty Ratchet Rope Hanger For Grow Light Fixtures

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 【Weight Capacity】Up to 64 kg load capacity per pair, 32 kg per ratchet, ensure flexibility and durability.
【Sturdy Material】Made from solid nylon rope 2.4m long. Provided with two carabiners to provide a secure grip.
【Loose-proof Design】The rope will automatically locks and stay in the place you pulled until you release it by pushing the thumb release lever. Do not need to worry about stretching, snapping back or loosening.
【Multiple application】Work as an adjustable rope hanger or locking pulley. Perfect for hanging light fixtures, reflectors, carbon filters,fan, ventilation equipment, and so on.
【Fully adjustable and fast locking】Simply pull the loose end of the rope to adjust to the desired height.

Secure the carabiner which with a pulley in a firm location;
Use another carabiner on the other end of the rope to hang your product;
Pull the rope which without the carabiner to adjust the product upward;
If need to adjust the product downward, should push the position lever embedded in the pulley, then pull the rope which with the carabiner.

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