ECO Farm 1000W Double Ended Lamp DE HPS Grow Light Bulb

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Watt: Budget HPS1000W DE
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  • ULTRA-BRIGHT OUTPUT: Great lumen output for high PAR values.
  • ECONOMICAL AND ENERGY EFFICIENT: High spectral ratios for good photosynthesis efficiency, Provides 35% more available energy than the high standard pressure sodium lamp.
  • BEST FOR PLANT BOOSTING: Optimized spectrum encourages flowering growth. Allows you to stretch your growing season to a whole year.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts. Precision built components precisely render the most nourishing spectra for your plants.
  • NOTICE: For horizontal burning only and do not handle with bare hands.

HPS1000W/HOR/T32/250V/K12X13S; Lumen:140000LM, CT:2000K .Suitable K12X30S lamp holder,3KV .

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