ECO Farm 100W/240W/320W Quantum Board + UV IR Samsung 301H/301B/561C LED Grow Light

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Watt: 100W
Chips: Samsung 561C (3000K+6500K)
Driver: SOSEN Driver
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  • ECO Farm full-spectrum 100W/240W/320W quantum board is to illuminate the whole grow stage, not only to regulate flowering and fruiting but also to control plant height and plant nutrients. 
  • Positive cooling design with reflector.
  • No fan& No noise.
  • High quality, high efficiency, long service life, lightweight, easy installation as well as energy saving.
  • Best PAR output with best PPFD.

* Top quality components, like Samsung LED diodes and Meanwell/ Sonsen/Inventronics drivers.

* Optimum Spectrum:  close to natural sunlight.

* Dimmable quantum board for different grow stages.

* 3 years warranty.

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