ECO Farm 110W/220W/460W/600W Full Spectrum Samsung 301B Quantum Board With Daisy Chain For Indoor Plants

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Watt: 110W
Chips: Samsung 301B+Meanwell Driver
Spectrum: 3000K + 660NM
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Upgraded ECO Farm 10W/220W/460W/600W quantum board have a dimming knob and light switch. A single light can be adjusted the light intensity at liberty. Multi-light Connection with unified dimming especially beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.

Excellent full spectrum provide more light. The light is especially useful during bloom, where it speeds up flowering time and boost yields. Uniformly across the surface and deep into the roots and bottom of canopy for consistent, highest quality flowers.

No Fan& No Noise. High Efficient and reliable MEAN WELL Driver. Aluminum heat sink is thick and sturdy, protective covers for cables; User-Friendly Packaging. Quality components mean the light lasts longer, it takes good cares of you with more considerate design, you can easily save money without purchasing lights frequently.
High Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J Samsung 301B/ Samsung 281B chips and Meanwell driver
Note: If choosing Samsung 281B chips will with the domestic driver.
Full Spectrum Samsung lm301b SF2000 Quantum LED Board Grow Light 660nm UV IR LED Grow Light For Indoor Plant

1 x LED Quantum Board
1 x Hanging Kit
1 x Installation Accessories
1 x Power Cord


Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows
Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems


    3 years

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