ECO Farm 12V Front Access Lead Acid Gel VRLA Battery FCTG Series

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  • ECO Farm stationary battery comes with a superior gel electrolyte where sulfuric acid is evenly mixed with silica fume and acid layering does not exist.
  • The electrolyte is gel like and immobile, which enables no leakage and uniform reaction of battery plates.
  • Serving as perfect power supply equipment, the front access lead acid battery is designed with slim shape. Front access terminal connection is convenient for installation and maintenance, and space saving.
  • Radial type grid design and tight assembly technology enable prominent high rate discharge performance for our gel VRLA battery.
  • Due to a unique design, the electrolyte volume of this battery can not reduce in use, and it requires no watering during service life.
  • Special anti-corrosion grid alloy is utilized so that the energy storage device comes with more than 8 years of design life at 25℃.
  • High purity raw materials ensure super low battery self discharge.
  • Thanks to the use of gas recombination technology, our industrial battery boasts extremely high seal reaction efficiency and yields no acid mist, thus friendly and pollution-free to the environment.
  • By means of special design and high reliable sealing technology, the battery is well sealed, thus ensuring definite safety.
  • Voltage covers: 12V
  • Capacity: From 55/10HR to 190/10HR
  • Front Access Lead Acid Battery, Gel VRLA Battery mainly for Telecommunication System

  • 19inch and 23inch power cabinet;
  • Telecommunication systems including exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, data center, radio and broadcast station;
  • Power supply system of private network of LAN;
  • Signal system and emergency lighting system;
  • EPS and UPS system.

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