ECO Farm 250W/400W/600W/1000W Full Spectrum Super HPS Grow Light Bulb

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Size: HPS250W
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Should I use MH or HPS for veg?
While either type can be used for the full growing cycle, when combined, using an MH grow light for vegetative growth and flowering under an HPS grow light is the most recommended HID grow light setup because utilizing the strengths of both types at the right times produces the best results.

Full spectrum more closely matches sunlight than ANY other lighting solution available. 

They are available in 2000k color temperatures, and is close to natural sunlight. This makes it an excellent spectrum for plants.

 Promote flowering and fruiting and increase yield directly

The full spectrum LED grow light is designed in scientific light spectral ratio that maximize photosynthesis and optimize the yield.  The full-spectrum light is optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development.

Growers report tighter inter-nodal spacing


Color Temperature:2000K

While growing a garden indoors is a great way to enjoy fresh produce all-year long, you'll need extra lighting in order to produce healthy and dense vegetation. High pressure sodium or HPS grow lights emit a strong, warm white light that helps to stimulate plant and flower growth. The Kelvin color temperature of these bulbs can range from 2100K to 3000K with multiple wattage options. High pressure sodium grow lights emit a lot of red spectrum light which is better suited for the flowering stage. They also emit a higher than average amount of blue spectrum light which is beneficial during the growth cycle of plants. They are not well suited during vegetative growth, since plants typically need the crisp white wavelengths of metal halide grow lights. For this reason, many indoor growers switch their lights as needed. HPS grow lights tend to be much more efficient than other alternatives and have a longer life span, saving you money on energy bills and replacements. Although they are about 30 percent more efficient than incandescent, much of the power consumed by an HPS lamp is lost as heat. Because these lamps do put out a lot of heat, it's important to keep them about 12 to 18 inches away from the plant. Anything closer than that will start to burn most plants. The heat generation may be an issue in warmer climates or the summer months, but it can help mitigate the cold in the winter or colder climates.

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