ECO Farm 30W Cree Chips Red 660nm+ Far Red 730nm Supplemental LED Quantum Board

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  • With 660nm deep red and far red 730nm, appropriate amounts of these lights can also be a very effective at promoting robust stem growth, proper node spacing, and more flowers and fruit. 
  • The far red frequency also affects the photoperiod (flowering time) of short-day plants. When short-day plants are exposed to far-red light, it encourages them to flower. So, a far red light like a 730nm LED light bar is a good choice. 

1. Power: 30w
2. Input Volts: AC100 ~ 240V
3. Driver: Domestic driver
4. PCB dimension: L150 * W183mm
5. Spectrum: FAR RED 730nm+ RED 660nm
6. LED brand: CREE chips
7. RAR efficacy : 2.36 μmol/J
8. Dimmable: NO

Product eimensions: 5.9 x 7.2 x 0.1 Inches
Item weight: 2.2 Pounds
Gross weight: 4.41 Pounds
Lamp body material: Aluminum
Working temperature(℃): -20 - 60
Working lifetime(Hour): 50000 hrs

1. Quantum board: 1 unit
2. Power cable with plug: 1pc

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