ECO Farm 630W CMH Grow Light Kit Reflector With Electronic Ballast

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Voltage: 208V TO 277V
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Highest quality reflective aluminum, high-Reflectivity Aluminum Hood: The cutting-edge hood made of imported  aluminum boosts reflectivity by 20% compared to standard aluminum reflectors; Unit has an excellent light reflectivity rating of 95% ; Contouring of the polished reflective surface ensures no hot spots or dead spot

Increase yield and crop quality, ideal for all growth stages. Targeted light spectrum tailored to optimize a plant's growth in indoor environments from seeds to harvest (germination, clones or cuttings, mothers, vegetative, and flowering applications).it's good for accurately monitoring plant health.
Simply start growing
Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors.

Input Voltage(V): 120-240
Working Lifetime(Hour): 40000
Model Number: GL-M1030*315W*2
material: Steel + Aluminum
shape: square+line
Application: green house grow tent
Ballast: 600w electronic ballast
Name: 315W light hood grow reflector

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