ECO Farm 4"/6"/8"/10" Mixed Venting Inner Fan with Controller

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Size: 4"
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  • Applications - Our 4"/6"/8"/10" inline fan can be used in indoor grow facilities and vertical farms, heating and cooling transfer, commercial drying and air filtration applications. Built in blowers not only simulate winds, smokes & exhaust odors but also intakes fresh airflow.
  • Unique controllers - Our 4 inch duct fan includes a variable speed controller which increases or decreases speeds without background noise or hum at low speeds.
  • Built & Design - Its aluminum body that resists rust, protects the motor & blades from accidental damage. This fan has IPX4 ingress protection rating to ensure long lasting. Extremely compact and fits into spaces with minimal clearance.
Fan Size 4 inch I 100mm 6 inch | 150mm 8" I 200mm 10- I 250mm
Rated Voltage 110V-240V AC 110V-120V 1 220V-240V 110V-120V I 220V-240V U0V-120V 1 220V-240V
Max. Power C. 18W 40W 75W 150W
Frequency 5OHzl6OHz 50Hz|60Hz 50Hzl60Hz 50Hz|60Hz
Max. Speed 5000RPM 5000RPM 3800RPM 3200RPM
Max. Airflow 160CFM | 275M'H 350CFM 1 594MJH 710CFM I 1205MH 1065CFM I 1808M3H
Static Pressure 34mmH?O 1 334Pa 1 500Pa 53mmH?O I 520Pa 52mmH7O 1 510Pa
Noise Level 56.8dBA 60dBA 61.6dBA 65dBA
Housing Material Aluminum IKJ Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel
Impeller Design Mixed Flow Mixed Flow Mixed Flow Mixed Flow
Motor Type EC Motor EC Motor EC Motor EC Motor
Net Weight 1.1 kgs 1.6kgs 2,5kgs 3.0kgs


Suitable for residential, offices, greenhouse, grow tent, roof, closet and other needs of ventilation and ventilation environment






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