ECO Farm 450W CXB3590 High Power Dimmable COB LED Grow Light

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Biggest advantages of COB LEDs for growing:

Higher light density: many small diodes in a tight space makes for a much higher light density, meaning you need less space to produce more light
Deeper canopy penetration: since COBs function as one large LED chip, they are much more powerful than a single diode and penetrate far beneath the canopy
Better light spread: since COBs are usually placed fairly far apart on large fixtures, they cover the plants below more evenly than a smaller light fixture that has to spread out from a central point
Efficiency: COBs give you more power per input watt and also product less heat

ECO Farm 450W CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light:

Unique Design:450W COB, high power replace 600-800w HPS
Full Spectrum: 380nm-850nm .UV-IR .All Useful Wavelength Include for All Phases of Plant Growth.
Modular Design: Easy for Assemble and Disassemble.
Energy Saving: Dimmable Design Make Sure No Need Full Power Used!
Biggest Footprint: 5*3 feet. Suitable for at Least 4-6 Plants!
Self-protection: Lights Will Turn off Actively for Self-protection if the Temp is Too Hot.

Power Suitable For Distance



4-6 Plants

4x3 ft Area

2/3 ft For Flower

3/4 ft For Veg




680*200*80mm Actual Power 280-300w
Input Voltage AC85~265V Output Current 700mA
Output Voltage DC32~45V LED Quantity 150w*3pcs
Lifespan 50,000 Hours LED Type Cree CXB 3590
Working Environment -20~50℃,45%~90%RH Ratio Full Spectrum 11band
Working Frequency 50~60Hz Color Silver
PPFD(umol/m2s) 1993/ 1ft, 840/2ft, 324/3ft, 225/4ft Lumen 31500
Material Aluminum IP Rating IP65
Wavelength 400nm-730nm Plug EU/US/AU/UK etc.
N.W. 6kgs (13.2Lbs) Lighting Area 1500*1000mm(5ft*3ft)
Warranty 2-3yrs Suggested Height 800-1500mm( 2ft-5ft)
Outer Carton Size 670*210*100mm G.W 10kgs(22lbs)
Standard configuration LED Light x1,Power line x1,Chain x1
Remarks The above parameter is based on 380nm-850nm ,for reference only

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