ECO Farm 480W/600W/960W V4 Series Full Spectrum LED Light Strips With Samsung 301B/301H Chips Pro Version Separately UV+IR Control

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Chips: Samsung301B
Watt: 480W
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  • ECO Farm V4 series full spectrum indoor garden LED light strips with Samsung 301B/301H chips pro version with separately UV+IR control, providing better sunlike light for plants. There are three types of lights, you can choose the suitable light for your greenhouse.
  • Each LED light strip has an end-to-end connection, you could freely connect 1-3 light tubes with extension cables according to your needs. Supporting up to 4 light bars end-to-end connections to fully satisfy large area lighting demands.

480W(with four strips):

LED: 864pcs LM301B/LM301H+48pcs OSRAM 660nm+16pcs OSRAM 730nm+ 16PCS LG385nm


600W:(with five strips)

LED: 1200pcs LM301B/LM301H+60pcs OSRAM 660nm+20pcs OSRAM 730nm+ 20PCS LG385nm

960W: (with eight strips)

LED: 1920pcs LM301B/LM301H+96pcs OSRAM 660nm+32pcs OSRAM 730nm+ 32PCS LG385nm

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