ECO Farm 480W V2 Series Samsung LM301B Full Spectrum Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

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ECO Farm Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm with high energy efficiency 2.8umol/J. Full spectrum light for medicinal plants, which can help to grow consistent, highest quality yields.

  • Passive cooling design: No noise.
  • Dimmable knob design with more flexible control.
  • High-quality Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm offer up to 2.8μmol/J efficacy
  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
  • Adjustable distance between heatsinks effectively allows growers to cover the gradual growing plants.
  • IP68 waterproof connector and IP65 waterproof covering for long lifetime

Power: 480W

Input Voltage: 90~277VAC, Power: 480W, PF>0.9

Beam Angle: 120°

Tolerance Range for Optical and Electrical Data: ±10%

Lifespan: 50,000 hours (Ta≤25°C), Warranty: 3 years

Suggest Height: 24in~30in (0.6m~0.75m) for germination; 24in (0.6m) for seedlings; 18in~24in (0.46m~0.6m) for veg; 12in~18in (0.3m~0.46m) for bloom

Supplementation time:16-20 Hours per Day

Footprint: 1. CO2 supplementation: 5×5ft in veg, 4×4ft in flowering; 2. Non CO2 supplementation: 4×4ft in veg, 3.3×3.3ft in flowering.

Net Weight: 13kg

Box Gross Weight: 15kg

Surface Temperature Rise: Tc 28K, Operating Temperature: -30°C~40°C

Dimension: 603×568×63mm (23.7×22.4×2.5in)


1230 @ 0.46m/18in;

903 @ 0.56m/22in;

828 @ 0.61m/24in


82612 @ 0.46m/18in;

61039 @ 0.56m/22in;

55357 @ 0.61m/24in

Tested without Light Reflection:

Tested in Grow Tent:

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