ECO Farm 4"x7" DIY Gold Caged Cube Rosin Press Kit With 4 Heating Rods

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  • 4" x 7" rosin heat press with intense pressure, flexible temperature control, and movable control box.
  • The rosin press needs manual control. It was designed with dual independently controlled heat platens that allow the user to control the temperature and pressure.
  • Carefully for maximum results. Note that too much heat, time, or temperature may damage the product. So you have to apply the right temperature, time, and pressure before operation.

Size: 4"x7" Aluminum heat plates. Light, strong and owns excellent heat transferability.

Precise: Accurate temperature is detected using separated temp sensors and 4 heating rods.

Application: Double-side heating, used for heat transfer press machine set up.

Package Include:

1x Anodized Rosin Plate Set (Top & Bottom)
1 x Rosin Control Box
4 x Heating Rods (with 2 Temp. Sensors)
1 x Power Cord
1 x Instruction Manual
Hex Wrenches and Bolts




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