ECO Farm 6"/8" Greenhouse Hydroponics Plant Drip Cap

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Size: 6" Drip CAP
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  • ECO Farm drip grow never waste a drop - encompassing bottom lip directs all liquid into your cubes and straight to your plants' roots.
  • Feed your plants less-Let root zones dry more consistently rates .the lids covers top of media, still allows necessary oxygen.
  • Built in overflow saves excess water and nutrients. Maneuvering your plants is now much easier by grabbing ahold of the lids.
  • Drip cap on your cubes and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle.
  • 34 flower-designed louvers block light while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plants.
  • The Drip cap was designed with the vegetative state in mind but has proven a worthy tool for the avid top feeder throughout the flowering stage as well. Eliminates algae and the use of pesticides by covering the media.

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