ECO Farm 6 Tray Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine for Indoor Growing Plants

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  • 6 tray: Six trays provide plenty of room to get creative drying anything faster! Also comes with a bonus fruit leather sheet and drip tray.
  • 360º circulation: Simple, precise, digital controls activate 360º airflow circulation for thorough uniform drying without overheating- no rotation required.
  • Transparent door: Door is clear for easy at a glance monitoring of all sheets.
  • Fresh & healthy: Now you can make a more flavorful, nutrient dense, preservative/additive free, and much much cheaper alternative to commercial products.

  • Fill tray, leaving no space between buds for the maximum capacity.
  • Repeat the above actions for up to 6 trays of each dryer.
  • Turn on the dryer.
  • Use the lowest temperature for about 72 Hours. (Please kindly be aware that the temperature and time for each plants are different, so we highly suggest you to do a trial firstly.)

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