ECO Farm 600W Quantum Bar Samsung LM301B/LM301H With MeanWell Driver Full Spectrum

Chips: Samsung 301B
Sale price$500.00


    ECO Farm 600W full spectrum LED grow light strips can offer accurate lights for plants in different growing stages. It is widely applied to cultivation of medicinal plants.

    • High performance of Samsung LM301B/LM301H white led grow light.
    • Optimized spectrum white plus high efficiency 660nm red for all phases of plant growth and production
    • Fan-free passive thermal management and best heat sink makes no noise to interrupt the surroundings and ensure longer life time
    • Low investment brings high yield on the crop
    • Powerful light intensity
    • Well-known Meanwell driver

    1 x LED Quantum Bar
    1 x Hanging Kit
    1 x Installation Accessories
    1 x Power Cord


    Grow tents,  Large indoor grows
    Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems


      3 years

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