ECO Farm 640W/720W/960W Full Spectrum Foldable LED Grow Light

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Size: 640W
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  • ECO Farm 640W/720W/960W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, the very latest technology in LED plant lighting. Results have proven that LEDs are ideal for every stage of growth. They have a power output that is capable of producing a superior amount of light without having to draw too much power.
  • Prefect as commercial LED grow lights, maximizes grow space,flexible 180 degree design, with the intensity of light can be adjusted according to the needs of plants, enable the exact dynamic PPFD control over each of plant growing stages.
  • Bar light design and aluminium material on the back contribute to better airflow and great heat dissipation. ECO Farm plant growing light comes with a detachable driver and long power cord, thereby reducing ambient heat in your growing space for extended lifespan. With the waterproof circuit board, worry free of the moist environment. Easy installation.
  • ECO Farm 640W/720W/960W hydroponics full spectrum foldable LED grow light with samsung 301B chips +UV+IR high yielding dimmable LED strips is perfect for veg to bloom, grow lamp born for Density Buds,widely suit for full-cycle commercial, home, grow tent, grow room, hydroponic ,soil growth.


Recommendation for adjusting the height:

Height 150-160CM
Height 120-140CM
Flowering --Harvest Height 50-70CM

Apply For:

Grow tent
Horticulture lighting
Indoor planting growth
Hydroponic cultivation
Farming plants research

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