ECO Farm 640W/800W/1000W Separate Control UV IR LED Grow Lights With Samsung 281B+ Pro Chips Full Spectrum Light Strips

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Watt: 640W (6 Bar)
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    • ECO Farm grow light has high efficiency led Boards
    • White Light Full Spectrum for better results
    • Better light penetration with diffused light
    • Perfect performance for veg and bloom
    • Dimmable Power Supply included
    • With UV IR switch, you can control UV IR chips separately.
    • Very suitable for greenhouse hydroponic. Suitable for seeding, germination, vegetative & flowering.
    • The grow light was designed with red & blue light, give off perfect wavelength for all growing stage. Suitable for seeding, germination, vegetative & flowering.
    • Easy set up: hanging kit make this grow lamp much more easy to assemble.
    • ECO Farm LED deliver even par readings and utilize superior 12-band spectrum with IR to achieve maximum photosynthesis response. You will see higher yields, larger fruit, bigger flowers, all with increased potency and health.
    • With Samsung LM281B+ Pro new diodes' high energy efficiency (2.9 umol/J), light luminous efficacy almost equal to Samsung 301B. delivers powerful light output and uniform penetration to resulting higher yields. High energy efficiency, long time lifespan.

    Model GL6-640W GL8-800W GL10-1000W
    Chips Brand Samsung 281B+ Pro
    Lamp Beads 5000k:1296pcs 3000k:1296pcs 660nm:96pcs         UV:108PCS           IR: 12PCS
    5000k:1728pcs 3000k:1728pcs 660nm:128pcs        UV:144PCS        IR: 16PCS
    5000k:2160pcs 3000k:2160pcs 660nm:160pcs        UV:180PCS        IR: 20PCS
    Three Channel Dimming First channel: 3000K+5000K                                Second Channel:660NM+730NM                                                 Third Channel:395NM
    Number of light bars 6 8 10
    PPE 2..9umol/J
    Driver UL certified Sonsen Driver
    Light Dimension 1100*1100*70mm
    Package Size 1180*280*245mm
    Net Wight 11.5kg 12.5kg 13.5kg
    Gross Wieght 14kg 15kg 16kg
    Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC

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