ECO Farm 680W Two Dimming Channel Waterproof LED Greenhouse Grow Light Strips With Samsung 301B Chips

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  • ECO Farm 680W LED grow lights have two dimming channel with waterproof material, can choose different light according to actural condition.
  • It use Samsung 301B chips, better quality, high efficiency and long lifetime.
  • Suitable for indoor plant grow, offer adequate PAR flowering.

  • ECO Farm LED grow lights are the best choice for master growers to achieve high yields indoors. Take pride and watch your garden bloom. Herbs, flowers, bonsai trees, food vegetables, and more. Suitable for grow tents, commercial grow rooms, hydroponics, and vertical farms. Maximize your grow space with our flexible 180 degree design.
  • 680 W of power makes this one of the highest-performance grow lights on the market. Waterproof, no noise.
  • Far better than any traditional light bulb system. ECO Farm LED lighting system runs at low cost, and has a built-in dimmer knob. Long lifetime: >50,000 hours lifespan at Q90(Flowering spectrum)
  • Whether you grow live plants using potting soil and water or hydroponic systems, ECO Farm lighting can help you take your hobby to the next level. Grow in a tent or house, or build a specialized grower's room. Works like a miracle for a small starter pack or a big commercial nursery.
  • 5-year warranty

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