ECO Farm Air Humidifier 130ML Quite Wood Grain Ultrasonic USB Humidifier

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Color: Mushroom humidifier - Light wood grain
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  • Item: Air Humidifier;
  • Material: ABS;
  • Capacity: 130ml;
  • Power: 2W;
  • Mist Output: 25-30ml/h;
  • Power supply: DC5V 400MA;
  • Running Time: 4 hours;
  • LED Light: Yes;
  • Small size, very portable and easy to use;
  • It can increase humidity of air, reducing dust and bacteria;
  • Humidify your room quickly, keep your plants away from dry;
  • Advanced ultrasonic technology and unique design: Advanced ultrasonic technology maintains air purity and almost zero noise. Creating comfortable mood for your plants all the day. Perfect for any grow room and space.

Voltage: DC5V

Power: 3W

Water capacity: 130ml

Weight of single bare machine: 0.128KG

Size: 9.7cm X 9.7cm X 10CM

Weight with package: 0.195KG

Package size: 10.5cm X 10.5x11cm

Material: ABS.

Note: Due to the "light" nature of pure water, it is recommended to use "tap water" for humidification

The product has no waterproof function, it is strictly forbidden to turn over the product during use, otherwise it will lead to water on the motherboard and damage the product!!

Please pull out the sponge stick at the beginning of use, and put the sponge back to its original position after absorbing water.

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