ECO Farm 740W LED Grow Light Strips WIth Samsung 301B/ HOLTEK Chips UI4 Series Separately UV IR Control

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  • ECO Farm LED lights use customized full-spectrum LED plant lamp beads+ Sonseng power supply, which can be matched with Samsung lamp beads and MEAN WELL's electric solution. It has higher PPFD and PAR than conventional full-spectrum LED lights. It is very suitable for all stages of plant growth and is conducive to increasing plant yields. , Promote the healthy growth of plants.
  • The shell is made of high-purity refined aluminum and anodized, and uses physical heat dissipation, which greatly extends the service life of the lamp.
  • It adopts detachable ultraviolet and infrared light-emitting modules, which are foldable and detachable, which is convenient to use and save space.
  • The three-way dimming design can separately control the light components to adapt to different growth stages of plants.
  • Our products have passed ETL, CEFCC, IC certification, and important parts have passed UL certification.

  • Lamp Quantity: 1. SAMSUNG 301B(2952Pcs)+LedStar3030(36Pcs)+2835(296Pcs);  2. HOLTEK(2952Pcs)+LedStar3030(36Pcs)+2835(296Pcs)
  • Input voltage: V100-240VAC
  • Rated Voltage: V120/220VAC
  • Lighting angle: Degree 120°±5
  • Light dimensions: 900*918*70mm
  • Number of lamp beads: 3284 Pcs
  • Spectral Composition: Visible light full spectrum band + ultraviolet + Far Red
  • Photosynthetic Photon flux density (PPFD):800-2400 (μmol/m²-s)
  • Photosynthetic Photon flux efficiency (PPFefficiency):2.8 umol/s/W
  • Power factor: ≥0.9
  • Luminous efficiency: 160 lm/W ±5%
  • Luminous flux: 108800lm
  • Operating temperature: -10℃~+45℃
  • Storage Temperature: #-20~+50
  • Gross weight/Box: 17kg
  • Product Features: Integrated structure, detachable design, knob/controller/APP multi-channel dimming
  • Scenario: Large-scale industrial planting, greenhouse greenhouse



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