ECO Farm B281 Plus-X 750W/1000W Double Ended HPS Hydroponics Grow Light Reflector

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Watt: 750W
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  • ECO Farm 750W/1000W grow light reflectors match with 1000W DE-Double. This DE Fixtures run significantly cooler compared to conventional lighting setups and do not need to be cooled with ducting and fan, they can simply be air cooled and are really energy efficient.
  • The surface of reflector is coated with high purity silver, which has no oxidation problem, can promote PPFD, save energy and increase the plant yield.
  • It has long using lifetime, which could be 18 months.
  • It is easy to clean, and replace the reflector without any tool.
  • Special glass reflector, no oxidation problem, 3-years warranty, no need annual replace. Soft start low frequency digital electronic ballast, stable and reliable
  • 750 watts grow light bulbs are unique in the hydroponics industry. Bridging the gap between 600w and 1000w grow lights, 750w lights allow growers to save money versus using a 1000w grow light, yet get yields that come very close to what a 1000w will produce.
  • A 750w bulb's coverage area is approximately 5' x 5' in the vegetative stage and 4' x 4' in the flowering stage.

  • Case Length: 4520mm/20.47”
  • Case Width:280mm/11.02”
  • Height:152mm/5.98”
  • Weight:6.2kg/13.6lb
  • Input Voltage (V):220
  • Input Voltage range(V):160-270
  • Input Power (W):795
  • Power Factor:> 0.98
  • Input Current (A):3.69
  • Mains frequency (Hz):50/60
  • Lamp Watts (W):750

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