ECO Farm CDM/CMH Dimmable 630W Double-Ended Grow Light Kit Fixture

Size: 630W-208V To 277V
Sale price$306.20


  • The reflector concentrates light to help plants grow quickly in small spaces; carefully textured surface scatters light evenly.
  • Lined with premium aluminum for a reflective rating of over 90% reflectivity and textured to eliminate hot spots.
  • With shielded terminals and metal plate reinforcements on each end, this reflective hood is rugged, stable and safe.
  • Quality double-ended lighting systems deliver the highest-quality light evenly, without obstruction, and last almost twice as long as single-ended ones.

VERSATILITY- ECO Farm 630w grow light Kit has been specifically optimized as a low frequency ballast that perfectly pairs with the frequency of high end lamps. The matched frequency of both lamp and ballast increases bulb output and longevity. ECO Farm lamps were developed matching the specifications of other high end lamps, yet they are less expensive.
HIGH OUTPUT - Highest output lights per watt when compared to traditional HPS or MH (HID) grow lights for plants. The spectrum of CMH for indoor growing will give your plants added UV spectrum to better replicate the sun. You'll notice plants growing bushier and healthier when using a CMH vs LED or HID garden lighting.
DESIGNED FOR PE0RFORMANCE - we chose the highest quality German aluminum with a 98% reflectivity rating. Designed so the reflector can be removed for cleaning. We recommend wiping it down every 3 months to have consistent reflectivity. Doing this will give you approximately 5% more light energy to your plants vs not cleaning.

  • Size:22.5" Long x 10" Wide x 12" High / 25.6" Long x 10" Wide x 6" High
  • Steel bracket with white powder coating.
  • Big hammered tone reflective anuminum and specular aluminium.
  • Low frequency & square wave electronic ballast.
  • K12x30s lamp holder,3KV
  • Input 16AWG/3C SJTW 105℃ 300V Cord, 240V 6-15P Plug , L=10FT

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